Adidas Teases BAYC x Punks Comic Collab

Yesterday at noon, the BAYC and PUNKS Comic accounts tweeted these cryptic pictures.

3D renderings of two of the most popular OpenSea collections with Adidas merchandise. A couple of eyeball emojis confirm, in internet language, that a collaboration between the brands is imminent.

But How Big Is This for the NFT Space?

More massive companies are entering the space by the week. Nike saw some value in digital collectibles, albeit in a centralized fashion. Nike’s partnership with Roblox is a step in the right direction towards complete digital ownership.

But Adidas has taken it a step forward.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is the second most popular collection on OpenSea of all time. The collection has seen a total value of 243,190 ETH and a current floor of 48 ETH.

PUNKS Comic is the 20th most popular collection of all time on OpenSea. They have seen a total volume of 41,356 ETH and a floor of 3.97 ETH.

Both are hugely popular collections, with strong communities behind them. Neither are cheap investments for novice investors, but will most likely be two collections that are around for a long, long time.

What Will the Adidas x BAYC x PUNKS Comic Collab Look Like?

The images posted were the extent of the announcement to this point. But, this collaboration will be Adidas’ first step into the Metaverse. Most likely, holders of this collection will get a digital version of an Adidas tracksuit ready for use in the Metaverse. They will also probably get a redeemable coupon for an IRL version of the same outfit. This seems to be the trend in digital/IRL collabs, with RTFKT and Tom Sachs being other examples.

Adidas Bringing BAYC and PUNKS Comic to the Next Level

In response to this surprise announcement, BAYC holders understandably went bananas. Images of apes in Adidas tracksuits flooded timelines across Twitter.

Ape holders have expected 3D models for their 2D apes for a while now. First announced with the roadmap back in September, 3D models have been on the minds of BAYC holders for a while. But, a collaboration with a multi-billion dollar IRL brand in addition to the 3D models was probably not expected.

What Does This Mean for PUNKS Comic and BAYC Holders?

This only confirms what every longtime holder of these collections has been thinking since they first purchased. They saw the long-term staying power of these collections and “aped in.” This collaboration brings mainstream recognizability and attention to the collection. Also, this brings mainstream endorsement to Web3 and to everything we’ve been dumping our money into.

Additionally, some holders think Apes will eventually flip CryptoPunks in popularity.

This collab is definitely a sign of that potentially coming true in the long term. If you have the funds, which most traders do not, look at BAYC as a long-term investment.

Something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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