Following a collaboration between Spain’s Air Europa and the blockchain business TravelX, the first NFT flight tickets are available for purchase.

The world of NFTs is constantly evolving, with many businesses and industries wanting to integrate them in some form. NFTs have already had an impact on the art and music industries, with some of the most well-known personalities promoting them. Blockchain gaming, on the other hand, is exploding with NFT collectibles, avatars, power-ups, and so on. Getting on board, aviation becomes the second major industry to adopt NFTs, because Air Europa now offers the world’s first NFT-based plane tickets thanks to TravelX.

Air Europa’s latest announcements confirm that the company is collaborating with TravelX and Algorand. TravelX is the first transportation distribution protocol using blockchain technology. Algorand, on the other hand, is one of the most environmentally friendly, carbon-negative blockchain networks. The Air Europa will create NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. TravelX is responsible for connecting the physical world of transportation with the blockchain. These three companies are attempting to write a new chapter in transportation history.

This ticket invites the holder to a special Air Europa flight from Madrid to Miami on November 29, 2022. On April 11, the first NFT ticket became available through a live auction, which closed on April 13. The auction earned more than a million USDC. Every two weeks, TravelX will release ten new NFTickets series made by popular artists.
Ticket holders can board the Air Europa flight to Miami. They will have the opportunity to attend Miami Art Week and activities running up to Art Basel in Miami this December.

More information about NFT tickets

Individually, NFTickets are as rare as traditional NFTs. When they trade, the transaction is safely and securely recorded on the blockchain. When the owner is ready to use the NFT, he will get a matching flight ticket. Buyers of TravelX and Air Europa NFTickets will be able to own a piece of travel industry history while they take part in the first-ever blockchain-backed flight.

Carlos Betancourt, a notable Miami-based artist, designed the first-ever NFTicket, which Ximena Caminos curated.

Bernardo Botella is Air Europa’s Global Sales Director. He stated: “Innovation is in our DNA and we have been pioneers in implementing new technology within our business. The same can be said for NFTs, which might be the next step in the travel industry. We are honored to have been the first airline to use blockchain technology for inventory management and distribution. We’re will see where the technology may take travel and how it can improve the user experience.”

TravelX Co-Founder Facundo Diaz said about this collaboration: “It’s thrilling to see the creation of a new type of NFT on Algorand’s carbon-negative blockchain.” We will combine the best of classical NFT while also including real-world application and experience. This results in a better flight ticket that users can easily manage and exchange from their blockchain wallet, as well as a new type of collectible art piece. We believe that NFTickets will be the perfect combination of art, travel, and technology.

About Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of blockchain technology is frequently criticized. NFTs, or individual pieces of crypto art, contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the currencies used to buy and sell them. TravelX and Air Europa, on the other hand, claim to be using the carbon-neutral Algorand technology to create the NFTickets.

Furthermore, Algorand promotes itself as the future of long-term blockchain technology. The platform just announced a $300 million fund to support sustainable development and, in some cases, even a negative carbon footprint.

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