As the Cryptocurrency market is in a bull-cycle, with tokens hitting ATHs, the NFT market heads into its bear cycle.

Floors are dropping on collections across the ETH market, where NFTs seem to be a larger investment. What was a Ξ1 or USD 3,413 investment into a group precisely one month ago is now USD 4,462. Much larger investment for new buyers and a lot tougher to let go of your ETH when you aren’t used to these price levels—two terrible things for the NFT market. Therefore, in this article, you will discover the latest Blue-Chip NFT Collections.

But, if you are willing to put up with the insane gas prices, plenty of opportunities have presented themselves in the last month.

This thread stemmed from a thought.

What are some positives we can find in the bear market?

Art Blocks

As mentioned in the above thread, Art Blocks projects haven’t even been minted out yet.

3 collections available for mint on
Collections available for mint on

Ye,s the same Art Blocks responsible for minting.

  • Fidenzas (Ξ115 Floor)
  • Squiggles (Ξ8.49 Floor)
  • Ringers (Ξ75 Floor), among others.

As gas fees are so high, people aren’t as willing to mint projects, no matter the popularity. Art Block collections are currently available for mint as low as Ξ0.1.

This is a chance to get your hands on premium collections and get in on a very cool mint process. A win-win if you’re willing to pay for the gas, of course.

What are NFTs on Sale Now?

Doodles were an excellent example of expensive NFTs being “on-sale” recently.

There are several other prominent, typically expensive, collection floors and 7D volume dropping in recent weeks. To name a few:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Ξ32 (-24% 7D)
  • CyberKongz Ξ6.1 (-50.33 % 7D)
  • My Curio Cards Ξ0.35 (-29.86% 7D)
  • 888 Inner Circle Ξ0.59 (-21.16% 7D)
  • Gutter Cat Gang Ξ2.8 (-10.75% 7D)
  • CryptoKitties Ξ0.21 (-50.17% 7D)
  • CryToadz by GREMPLIN Ξ5 (-15.75% 7D)

With volume seeing significant decreasing, and floor prices usually following, these collections are the lowest price we’ve seen in months.

Buying NFTs is Now a Good Investment?

There is always value in holding old, original collections and collections with community significance.

Collections like Curio Cards and CryptoKitties were one of the first NFT collections sold on the Ethereum blockchain. Bored Ape Yacht Club just had one of the most significant NFT events of the year for their holders, and CrypToadz is held by some of the most influential names behind the scenes in the NFT space.

But Will This NFT-Mania Last?

Maybe the pfp craze that we saw the last few months is finally coming to an end. Projects like Curious Addys are coming up with new innovative ideas that bring NFT applications past just artwork held on your phone. As we move into a new wave of NFT innovation on the other side of this bear market, look for prominent, popular pfp collections to survive.

Collections, with devs backing their community, and collections, long-term history, and recognition in the space, are set up for success in the next few years.

And guess what? They are just a few of the collections on sale right now!

Remember always to do your research and invest in projects that interest you. We hope you have learned from the latest Blue-Chip NFT Collections.

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