Alethea AI powered NFTs are the future of NFTs

Alethea embeds NFTs with AI personalities. This creates an Intelligent NFT, or iNFT. It’s a crossover between AI and Blockchain. 

The AI embedded into each NFT allows it to be:

  • Interactive
  • Generative
  • Scalable
  • Unique in each personality trait

Currently, iNFTs are capable of sense-making. In the future, they could be capable of human-level intelligence.

What Are the Uses for Alethea?

Currently, there are two offerings on OpenSea for this collection.

  1. Revenants
  2. iNFT Personality Pod

First, Revenants are a collection of 100 iNFTs. They depict both past and present icons, real and fictional. Personalities include:

  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Alan Turing
  • Winston Churchill
  • Robin Hood
  • Snow White

So, what’s the current floor price to own and converse with an icon from history?

Ξ38 with a steep floor climb from there. Only 20 are currently available for purchase, with the second cheapest being Ξ55.

Secondly, a much more affordable option, AI Personality Pods allow any buyer to create their own iNFT. Now, you can fuse an NFT with a Personality Pod that powers it with state-of-the-art AI language models.

Currently, the floor price for an iNFT Personality Pod is Ξ0.135. As you can see, this is an affordable option to enhance an NFT in any collector’s wallet.

Why Should I Buy a Personality Pod?

First of all, the most influential people and companies in the space are putting their money behind the company. Secondly, in August of 2021, Alethea raised $16M in private token sales. Investors included:

Recently, Alethea unveiled Noah’s Ark. As an example, this is the first Intelligent Metaverse. Lastly, it’s only accessible with iNFTs.

Finally, use ALI tokens to upgrade the intelligence of your iNFT! The system is improving over time to make your NFT more intelligent and more useful.

What Can I Do With My Pod Now?

Currently, holders can stake their pods for rewards and increased intelligence. This kickstarts the training for all Gen 1 pods. Beginning on November 18th and running for 40 days, holders can stake their Generation 1 pods. In return, they will receive generous rewards plus cool experiences! Further, holders will receive ALI tokens to further train their NFT. Lastly, they can take part in both the sharded and individual training.

On November 18th, the first shared session begins. Users will be incentivized to share unique-real life conversation data sets to improve the AI engine. After the shared sessions, the individual sessions will open. Holders will be able to spend ALI tokens to upgrade their individual pods. To conclude, you must stake ALI to train.

So if you want to stake, you only have 3 days left to stake pods. Finally, it will close for good, so buy your pods now on OpenSea!

Above all, something to consider: remember always to do your research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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