Alethea AI part of BSC growth fund

CEO and Founder of Alethea AI, Arif Khan, made a huge announcement over the weekend.

In a Medium article, Khan announced that Binance Smart Chain is investing in their recently launched $1 billion growth fund. Therefore, this investment intends to grow the world’s first Intelligent Metaverse, Alethea’s ‘Noah’s Ark.’

Via the medium article, Khan said: “It is an honor to join Binance’s incredible ecosystem. Binance has an incredibly deep bench of Tier-1 Projects in its ecosystem. Also, he said: “As more Metaverses develop, we are confident that interactive, intelligent NFTs will play a critical role in elevating the consumer and gaming experience.”

However, in layman’s terms, what does this mean? And why is this massive for not only Alethea investors but the ‘Metaverse’ as a whole?

Alethea AI Revisited

We wrote about Alethea back in November. For a more in-depth look at the Revenant and Personality Pod collections, give this article a read.

Since publishing that article, the floor prices have made some exciting moves:

Personality pods Ξ0.135 –> Ξ0.247
Revenants Ξ38 –>Ξ33

Modest movement, in NFT terms, from the personality pods, especially with staking events happening during this time. Though, if buyers bought two, they could have easily flipped one to break even on the trade.

Additionally, the revenant collection has only seen two sales in this time. These sales also came in lower than the most recent one mentioned in the article.

However, investing in Alethea is not a short-term investment. You are investing in the future of the Metaverse, as Binance is doing here as well. Allow me to explain:

Alethea AI: What it Provides to the Metaverse

The blockchain and smart contracts are changing the internet and how we interact with it as you read this. Furthermore, AI is changing who we interact with on the internet.

Eventually, AI services will do a large amount of tedious, low-skill jobs. In the Metaverse, this will be especially true. Stores, information services, customer service, and more could be run by AI services. For example. Alethea AI puts these service providers in the hands of willing buyers, where holders could realistically rent out their intelligent NFTs in the future.

That is just one single application of this technology. Investment Director of BSC Gwendolyn Regina seems to agree, via the press release: “We’re just at the beginning of discovering what NFTs can truly enable. Alethea AI is at the forefront of creating the next evolution of NFTs and metaverses, and we’re excited to see this enrichment of the BSC ecosystem as well as all our experiences online”.

Therefore, adding actual personality and utility to anything in your collection is what Alethea AI provides. They are not going anywhere, and BSC seems to agree. In terms of low-cost, long-term investments, it’s hard to find a better at the moment than Alethea AI.

Finally, something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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