CityPacks Minting NFTS for Miami-Dade Cultural Passport Program

Sustainable blockchain network CityPacks is supporting the New Education Initiatives Foundation’s Cultural Passport program.

CityPacks is joining up with the Foundation for New Education Initiatives (FNEI). The Foundation supports Miami-Dade County, Florida, public schools.

The Cultural Passport program supports various arts and cultural institutions. The aim is to provide all K-12 students in the area with a different cultural experience each year.

CityPacks posted an update on July 20.

NFTs for Education

The CityPacks mission is to develop sustainable blockchain programs to empower communities. Additionally, it aims to increase access to educational resources and improve the quality of life of all students.

The partnership includes a CityPacks 001 NFT collection of 3D illustrated backpacks. Furthermore, there are 3,500 randomly generated digital collectibles in the collection. They consist of various rarities with “superpowers to fund the FNEI Educational Programs.”

According to CityPacks, 75% of primary sales plus 4% of lifetime royalties are donated to FNEI. The program aims to promote technology and art to students to increase blockchain education and awareness.

The NFT collection is currently minting on the Stacks (STX) network. The current floor price is 215 STX, or around $90. Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain linked to the Bitcoin network. The NFTs have been produced by the “HungryArtist,” an interactive collectible NFT project built on Stacks. HungryArtist will reserve a total of 10% for a giveback wallet as part of the partnership.

The Cultural Passport program is in its twelfth year. It has provided more than 700,000 students with opportunities to engage in experimental learning. Additionally, more than 43 different cultural venues throughout the community have joined the initiative.

All students get the opportunity to visit museums and art galleries, as well as experiencing live musical, theatrical, and dance performances.

STX Price Outlook

The Stacks native token has gained 2.4% on the day. As a result, it was trading at $0.434 at the time of writing. STX has made 14% over the past week in the mini market rally.

However, the token is still down more than 87% from its December all-time high.

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