Today we look at the first NFTs minted on all the major blockchain platforms where NFTs live today. First, let’s start with the leader, Ethereum.


The first NFTs sold on the ETH chain were not CryptoPunks like many people think. This is a messy debate with a few acceptable answers.

It was actually tiles of land on Etheria that went unsold upon launch in 2015. But in 2017, these pieces of land were bundled and sold for 1.2 million at auction.

Shortly after Etheria, Curio Cards, followed by CryptoPunks hit the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT craze took off from there.

Curio Cards are available on OpenSea for Ξ0.37!


Kreechures were the first NFT project on Solana. First released on March 26, 2021, Kreechures is an NFT RPG game where you can collect, level up, and grow your character.

With rewards given out in the form of $Kin, there is plenty of reason to not only hold but play with your Kreechures. These NFTs are available for 3.5 SOL on Magic Eden.

There is controversy surrounding this. Some people on Twitter claim that since they run on the $Kin Network, Kreechures was not the first official Solana Project.

Solarians claim to be the first true project on Solana. With the floor price sitting at 69 Sol, this seems to be the project the community values as the true trailblazers of the Solana NFT ecosystem.


The first NFT auction on Tezos was for tzcolors, a simple collection of colors on the Tezos chain.

The collection is really nothing more than that. They are essentially swatches of colors like you see in hardware stores.

Each color is auctionable by the owner, where they can set the minimum bid and duration.

First available for auction in February of 2021, the current floor for a tzcolors auction is 14.9 tez. With no fees on top of that, unlike some other chains, this is an affordable collection for Tezos believers.


The first NFT marketplace on BSC was JuggerWorld, a “Create-to-play” card game. Juggernaut is still releasing cards to this day, with actual Metaverse plans in the works.

Its first release was in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Genesis collection sits at a floor of 0.4 BNB. A small investment if you are willing to bet on BSCs future in the Metaverse!


I thought Bitcoin didn’t support smart contracts? And don’t you need to use smart contracts to mint NFTs?

With Stacks “Layer 1.5” this is now a possibility. Stacks make smart contracts available on the BTC network, thus making NFTs available.

There seems to be no definitive first, but one of the first collections made available by Stacks was Bitcoin Birds. 400 hand-drawn birds were created by 12-year old Abraham Finley, and are still a hit. Minted in August of 2021 for 20 STX, the floor price for one Bitcoin Bird sits at 5899STX.

That’s a 29,395% increase.


And for the ADA fanatics, Cardano Kidz was the first NFT collection on the ADA chain. Finally beginning to gain traction, has the secondary market for this collection. Releasing in editions, the earlier editions have a floor price of 900,000 ADA.

On the much more affordable side, releases from the newest editions sit at a floor price of 12 ADA. Cardano Kidz continues to release new collections, so there are still opportunities to mint one for yourself!

Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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  1. Hey there great article! I am a day 1 Kreechure holder and you are 1000000% correct that Kreechures were the first NFT to mint on solana. it has been extremely unfortunate to deal with all the misinformation Solarians have spread—but articles like this really help establish the truth. So thanks again.

    PS you said Kreechures were first released March 21,2021— it was actually March 26th, 2021. Still almost two full weeks before the first solarians was released.

    • Berries by were not the first NFTs to sell on Cardano though! That was the focus of the article. There were plenty of NFTs given out on the ETH chain in the early days, but they were not sold. Thank you for the input! There can be an argument made for a lot of firsts that were maybe minted on chain but not actually sold or transferred. Berries is definitely one of them!


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