Free NFTS, What’s the Deal?

NFTs are fitting right into the crypto space. We use them in games, for art, ID purposes, voting, or real estate. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. But what about free NFTs – are they any good?

One issue that NFTs often have is their high price. However, you can also get free NFTs on many occasions. So, we are going to have a look what these free non-fungible tokens have to offer.

Why Are Some NFTs Free?

NFTs can be free for different reasons. Typically, it is to promote a project or product. With free giveaways, brands or projects hope to find customers or users.

Another typical space to find free non-fungible tokens are P2E games. Occasionally, you get a free set of NFTs to start a game. For instance, in Sorare. In other games, you can win free NFTs by just playing the game.

Remember the CryptoPunks? They launched for free in 2017. The only thing you needed was an Ethereum wallet. Now some of them have a multi-million dollar value.

Free NFTs

Source: LarvaLabs

Where to Get Free Non-Fungible Tokens?

Many free NFTs are part of a promotion. Often, new collections offer a limited number of NFTs for free to get the word out. Places like Twitter, Discord servers, or Reddit have this on a regular basis. 

You can also take part in contests with NFTs for free as a prize. Frequently, these can become valuable. This depends on how rare they are or who designed the NFT. 

Other ways of getting NFTs for free is by taking part in crypto conferences. Online or live, before or after the conference, you get free non-fungible tokens offered by the organizers.

How to Get Free NFTs on OpenSea

You can get free non-fungible tokens on OpenSea, typically by minting them for free. OpenSea offers an option that the minting is free for the creator. You open an account on OpenSea and connect your wallet. There’s no need to have any coins in your wallet. They offer a free minting option on the Polygon blockchain. Now you can create a collection. 

At the end of this process, there’s also an option that the buyer pays for the gas fees. OpenSea can offer this because the NFT isn’t on-chain, until the first sale occurs. This is also known as lazy minting. You mint the NFT the moment you sell it.

Although rare, there are also a few occasions where creators don’t charge for their NFTs.

Free non-fungible tokens

Source: OpenSea

Can Free NFTs Be Sold?

Yes, you can sell your NFTs that you minted for free. However, many marketplaces will charge a fee when you sell your NFTs. As a result, you need to carefully consider your selling price. Other than this, it is no problem to start offering your collection for sale.

In case you got such an NFT differently, you can also sell these. Now it will depend on what the demand for your NFT is. You can sell it at a fixed price or in a bid.

Best Free Non-Fungible Tokens

The best free NFTs were the CryptoPunks. However, that boat already sailed. Hindsight is always easy. Nonetheless, for free minting, you have a variety of options. For example, Solana or Mintable. 

Another good way to get free non-fungible tokens is by playing games. With P2E, there are various options to get NFTs for free. You can use these in the game or sell them. For example, in Axie Infinity, you can breed new Axies. These are NFTs, and you can use these in the game or sell them.

There are different ways to get free non-fungible tokens. Each person has their personal favorite way of obtaining them. Some prefer giveaways, while others like to mint or play games.


Free NFTs are part of the crypto space. There are various ways you can get hold of them. Many NFT marketplaces offer free minting. This puts you in the driver’s seat to sell them at no cost to you.

Other options for getting these NFTs include giveaways or contests. Playing P2E games is also a good opportunity to score NFTs for free. Many of these NFTs are part of a promotional campaign. Twitter and Discord have many campaigns going on.

If you like to know more about free non-fungible tokens, we have another article on them. Here we cover more questions related to them. For example, are they a scam or are they safe?

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