invisible friends NFT review

Invisible Friends is an NFT collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters. The NFT collection is part of the Random Character Collective and is available on OpenSea for purchase. Swedish-born Markus Magnusson is the illustrator behind the Invisible Friends NFT project. 

The collection minted on February 23, 2022, at a cost of 0.25 ETH. At the time, Ethereum was trading at $2,600. As of August 25, the floor price and entry into the Invisible Friends ecosystem is around 1.89 ETH.

The Invisible Friends Collective

The Invisible Friends NFT collection is a member of the Random Character Collective. It currently consists of three prominent animation artists. One of the artists, SlimJim, produced the SlimHoods NFT collection. This is an animated NFT collection with 5,000 items and its own distinct style. The characters are running endlessly, all having different traits that make up their individual appearance.

Lucas Zanotto is another artist who belongs to the Random Character Collective. His collection, MoodRollers, is also an animated set of characters, but this time in 3D. Each character, known as a roller, is unique. A roller has a center part called the head, a first and second arm block, and an outermost screw on each side. Their size varies from small, medium, or large. Each character is continuously rolling in a seamless loop. Their 3D appearance adds to the smooth animation.

Invisible Friends NFT Artwork

It feels like Invisible Friends is the centerpiece of the Random Character Collective. It fits nicely between the two styles of Slimhood and MoodRollers. SlimJim takes styling cues from material design and Moodrollers is 3D with a stop-motion-like texture.

When comparing the projects, there is a sense of urgency with the SlimHoods NFT Collection. Each character is running, giving the feeling of speed and haste. Rollers are not human but abstract characters in themselves. Invisible Friends instantly feels more relatable. It has a distinct cartoon-style illustration. Characters are once again animated.

The Power of Characters Walking

The Invisible Friends NFT characters are walking. Like before, each character’s animation is looped. The animation gives a calming sense of serenity. This adds to the connection one can feel with Invisible Friends. The characters are all walking at the same pace, giving the whole collection a unique and distinct flow.

The characters are intriguing. They are invisible. They have no arms, legs, or face. Yet even with these missing body parts, you can make out each character. The clothing and accessories help in this regard. It is unique for sure and a breath of fresh air from the usual static pfps that most projects followed.

The Invisible Friends NFT collection’s Twitter follower count is impressive. It suggests that this is the main collection within the Random Character Collective. Both SlimHood and MoodRollers have around 45k followers. The Invisible Friends NFT collection has a whopping 532k followers. The three collections all link up and point towards one Discord server. With over 200k members and 15k online at any one time, it is great to see such an active community.

Markus Magnusson, the Artist Behind the Invisible Friends NFT Collection

Known as Motionmarkus, Markus Magnusson is a Swedish-born animator. He is an expert in his field, having animated works for Google, ESPN, YouTube, and Dropbox. Markus offers a course teaching the Science of Character Animation. On his YouTube channel, there is a selection of short animated videos. In true Motionmarkus style, they are quirky and fun. However, it doesn’t seem he is active on YouTube as only a handful of videos exist.

Garbage Friends NFT Collection

With social profiles across the internet, Markus is most active on Twitter. His Invisible Friends NFT collection pays homage to his new course, The Magic of Walk Cycles. Taking a closer look at his Twitter timeline, it seems like Markus is about to reveal the next project he is working on – the Garbage Friends NFT collection. Little is known at this stage about the collection. What we do know is the moniker the Garbage Friends NFT collection is working under. A slogan states “One friend’s trash is another friend’s digital collectible.” In addition to this, a cryptic tweet suggests that Invisible Friends NFT holders will receive an airdrop of a Garbage Friend.


Invisible Friends NFT Collection and Utility

It feels like Invisible Friends is just the beginning of an ecosystem. The Invisible Friends 2022 roadmap has a few important milestones. A partnership with Kith launched in May 2022. Kith is one of the most renowned lifestyle brands in the world. The partnership aims to bridge the digital and physical together. Kith’s Creative Director and CEO, Ronnie Fieg, worked with Markus Magnusson to design a collection of NFT collectibles known as Kith Friends. These friends are already available on OpenSea and are wearing Kith’s Summer 2022 collections. The holders of these special NFTs will be given all of the physical products their Kith Friend is wearing.

Kith Partnership

The Kith partnership doesn’t stop there. 1/1 Friends and Special Edition Kith Friends have arrived. Owners of these Kith Friends will be able to claim all of the exclusive products in the Kith for Invisible Friend capsule collection (projected February 2023).

During the course of the partnerships, the Kith Friend edition pieces will evolve and change. They will wear different clothes, shoes, and accessories. The evolved friend will reveal the item or items that these holders gain early access to. Holders of these edition pieces will get some first-come, first-served access to select Kith product launches.

Invisible Friends at NFT NYC and Beyond

Looking further ahead, Invisible Friends will have a presence at NFT NYC. They are teasing the Invisible Friends Athletic Club. This could be a merch drop in the making. In addition, an art upgrade is also on the cards. All Invisible Friends holders will get the opportunity to mint a 3D Invisible Friend with new and old randomized traits. The 3D NFT will give holders the opportunity to purchase a real-world toy.

Q4 looks to close on a high. The roadmap teases InvisibleLand. With the introduction of Garbage Friends as another collection with the ecosystem. The Garbage Friends NFT collection is dubbed as trashy friends to Invisible Friends. Described as smelly, dirty, and nihilistic, they are still friends and belong to the same universe.


It is great to see such a powerful and engaged community. The Discord server numbers are impressive as are the amount of Twitter followers. It is great to see a master illustrator showcasing his work. The fact that he is running courses and passing on knowledge in the Web2 world shows his burning passion and drive. It can only be a matter of time that these courses move into the metaverse and discounts applied to NFT holders.

The fact that Invisible Friends belongs to the collective, the stress and energy required to manage and stay on top of a community seems to be handled eloquently. In addition to this, Markus and the team behind Invisible Friends continue to deliver. Their partnership and execution of expanding the ecosystem is well underway with more to follow. Exciting times are anticipated ahead.

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