Lazy Lions NFT Collection Review

Available on the Ethereum blockchain, the Lazy Lions NFT collection
consists of 10,000 programmatically-generated unique NFTs. Each NFT has over 160 possible traits and is available on OpenSea for purchase.

The NFT collection sold out in just five hours. The Lazy Lions were successful right off the bat. The collection raked in about $1.5 million. The most expensive Lion traded for 99 ETH, almost $350,000 at the time on October 11th, 2021. Some regard Lazy Lions NFTs to be blue-chip NFTs due to their continued popularity.

What Are Lazy Lions NFTs?

Lazy Lions have 160 distinct traits. These include facial expressions, manes, headwear, and smoking pipes. The collection also has other traits such as skin tones, eyewear, jewelry, and more.

To be specific, the project has:

  • 36 variations of Manes
  • 26 variations of Mouths
  • 24 variations of Body Gears
  • 22 variations of Eyes
  • 19 variations of Headgear
  • 15 variations of Backgrounds
  • 7 variations of Earrings

Each Lazy Lion NFT is also made available as a 10,000px by 10,000px high definition JPEG. This enables owners to print huge, high-definition copies of their NFTs or display their NFTs on large screens.

Holders of the Lazy Lions NFTs have access to an exclusive island in the Sandbox Metaverse. The holders also receive complete commercial rights to their NFTs. In addition, holders also have the opportunity to earn ROARwards. These are paid in ETH for participating in the Lazy Lions community at large. Additionally, the project’s Discord server has a number of networking channels that let Lazy Lions holders connect with other like-minded holders.

Other collections that exist within the ecosystem are Lazy Lion Cubs, Lazy Lions Collectibles, and Lazy Lions Bungalows.

Who Made Lazy Lions NFTs?

Created in mid-2021 by Blockchain Media Pty Ltd – a company established by a group of Australian artists and developers. Led by the artist Ashur and his partners Alion, Nin L, and Nine. The NFT lions were primarily designed by the pseudonymous artist rizzio.eth.

The project members’ Assyrian heritage served as the project’s primary source of inspiration for the lions. The lion is an iconic symbol in Assyrian culture. Additionally, they were also inspired by the homogeneity of the lions with “kings” and “queens” of the jungle.

The project has also added value to its brand through partnerships with PUMA and a variety of other players in blockchain and Web3. These include Polygon, ChainLink, Coinbase,, VR Chat, and The Sandbox.

How to Buy Lazy Lion NFTs

OpenSea is, by far, the most popular NFT marketplace and is the easiest exchange to buy Lazy Lions NFTs. Follow these simple steps to purchase a Lazy Lions NFT on OpenSea:

1. Set up a ERC-721 NFT compatible wallet like MetaMask.
2. Load up your wallet with ETH. (You will need Polygon-bridged ETH if you want to use the Polygon network to avoid gas fees.)
3. Create an OpenSea account.
4. Find your preferred Lazy Lion NFT from the official Lazy Lion NFT collection.
5. To purchase immediately, select “Buy Now,” and to bid on the NFT, select “Make an Offer.”
6. Confirm your transaction and pay for your Lazy Lion NFT. If you are buying now, it will be transferred to your wallet. The transaction time will depend on the network congestion.

Where to Buy Lazy Lions NFTs

The purchase of Lazy Lions is available from Ethereum secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea and X2Y2. The buying process is generally similar across all marketplaces.

Lazy Lions Rarity 

The rarity of the Lazy Lions NFT collection depends on the attributes that a single Lazy Lion NFT has.

In regards to the background trait, 4% are forest green. Whilst the most sought-after background colors are Gold and Elemental. Body colors are solid variations; 28% of the collection pieces include the standard color. Special body shapes, such as zombie lions, are also available. These are in addition to different colors of the body.

A Lion may wear anything from gladiator armor to doctor’s scrubs. A block hoodie or a Leopard Fur Coat are the rarest traits. The Eyes trait has several options. Sad eyes, angry eyes, bored eyes, and even crying eyes are in the collection. With over 22 variations, the Evil eye is the rarest.

41% of the collection is free of headgear. The remaining 59%, on the other hand, might be wearing a rainbow hat, an eye mask, or something else. The majority of Lion NFTs – 75% – do not wear earrings. Those that do, whether they wear tiny gold hoops or diamond studs, are truly rare.

A Lion’s Mane has the most options in terms of traits. Double Tied-Up Fire, Top Knot – Blue, Black, and Gold are the rarest. The Meat, Sad, and Money Mouth traits are the rarest when it comes to the Mouth trait.


The Lazy Lion NFTs have achieved remarkable success. This is thanks to its robust social media following and regular product launches. These include Lazy Bungalows, Lazy Lion Cubs, ROARwards, the Lazy Lion private island, and their holiday NFT airdrops. However, the Lazy Lion project still has one significant obstacle to tackle next. The development of a successful and entertaining Lazy Lions game could be crucial to the project’s future development.

Despite not having the huge reach and scope of popular blue-chip NFT collections, Lazy Lion NFTs are still arguably one of the most “roaring” NFT collections in the current NFT “Jungle.” How far the collection can go only time will tell.

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