Never-Before-Seen Pulp Fiction NFTs?

This week, film director Quentin Tarantino announced he will be releasing seven never-before-seen scenes from the classic Pulp Fiction as NFTs.

The first step by a major director into NFTs, Tarantino is auctioning these Pulp Fiction-related items on OpenSea. Partnering with Secret Network, Secret NFTs bring a brand new experience for NFT buyers.

Why Secret NFTs?

The main difference between Secret and regular NFTs is the idea of privacy.

Secret NFTs

Maybe you want to keep this uncut scene to yourself!

But, that’s not really a possibility with traditional NFTs. Giving holders complete control of who can see the metadata of each NFT, Secret NFTs are true ownership. Buyers can share with family, friends, everyone, or no one.

What Comes With My Pulp Fiction NFT?

A perfect product for this collection, Tarantino is releasing seven previously unknown scenes. Each NFT contains an uncut scene from some of the most iconic sequences in the movie. Accompanied with commentary from the director and scripts of the scene, this is the full experience for Pulp Fiction fanatics.

Announced in a press release by Secret Network, seven uncut Pulp Fiction scenes are available. The NFTs are releasing for auction on OpenSea at an unspecified date.

Expect these to sell for truly ridiculous prices. It will not be just native NFT buyers trying to get their hands on this collection. Nominated for best picture in 1995, and seeing USD $200 million in worldwide box office revenue, uncut Pulp Fiction scenes will attract buyers from all ends of the internet.

Why Should I Consider Buying?

This is one of the first major steps by a director into the NFT space. With the studio behind James Bond: No Time To Die releasing NFTs for the movie a few months ago, look for more uncut scenes or collectibles to be released to superfans as NFTs.

It only makes sense. The fans receive never-before-seen clips from their favorite films. They also get a piece of their favorite film to own themselves. The director/studio gets royalties from every sale and brings their movies back to relevancy all in one move. A win-win for both sides.

Expect this to attract endless buyers, both native crypto/NFT users and traditional collectors alike.

This transcends the idea of NFTs being cartoon apes or pixelated people that we trade for crazy amounts of money. For Tarantino, NFTs are just the vehicle to finally get these collectibles in the hands of fans the right way. This is finally true digital ownership, and we are seeing traditionally mainstream power players finally adapt.

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