Own your own world in Minecraft with NFT Worlds!

What Is an NFT World and Why Is This Important for the Metaverse?

NFT Worlds minted for free on October 5th, 2021. What did you receive with this mint? Your own decentralized, playable Minecraft world.

This collection combines a traditionally centralized video game with a decentralized asset. Minecraft is very open for user customization, but NFT Worlds takes it a step further. Not only just customizable but actually ownable.

The applications for this are endless.

What Is an NFT World?

NFT Worlds are the first:

  • Decentralized
  • Community Driven & Developed
  • Cross-Platform
  • Play-to-Earn

Metaverse of its kind. Those Web3 buzzwords sound great, but what does it actually look like?

NFT Worlds are 10,000 3D voxel-based, limitless worlds that are playable in Minecraft. Each world is unique, and players will be able to easily warp between worlds.

Instead of creating their own metaverse, NFT Worlds uses an existing video game giant to create theirs. Minecraft, still the most sold video game yearly, the game saw 140 Million active users this past August. Minecraft’s open-source ecosystem allows for the wide use of mods, tools, and applications.

Each world comes with unique elements that make each world rarer than the next. They come with their visual and in-game experiences, as well as on-chain data and resource info. When you own an NFT World, you own the rights to everything within that world. That includes anything built on the world.

What Can I Expect With NFT Worlds?

Currently, you can buy an NFT World on OpenSea and import it into Minecraft to play through an NFT World dapp. You can create anything in these worlds, and resell these transformed worlds on the Open Market.


Expected to come this month:

  • Multiplayer Release
  • $WRLD Token Airdrop
  • $WRLD Staking

Players will be able to enter portals to be transported to other players’ worlds. This is set to release soon. When released, this will create NFT Worlds into a metaverse hosted on Minecraft.

Additionally, the $WRLD token launches this month. It will be the primary utility token for the NFT World’s ecosystem. The token will be exchangeable for:

  • Experiences
  • Items
  • Perks
  • Content

And anything else made available by the world owner. If you can imagine it, it’s probably possible in NFT Worlds.

NFT Worlds Analysis

Currently, the floor price for an NFT World sits at Ξ0.409. Seeing a total volume of Ξ3.2k since mint, NFT Worlds has recently started to catch on.

Over the last 7D, the collection has seen a 1650% increase in volume. The average sale price has gone from Ξ0.15 on November 24th to Ξ0.58, a 286.66% increase.

The recent hype has brought this collection to my attention. This is a brilliant attempt at Metaverse creation. Instead of creating something from the ground up, NFT Worlds is using a preexisting, already successful sandbox game in Minecraft. When comparing to Decentraland and The Sandbox (two of the most popular Metaverse options available) NFT Worlds sets itself apart.

Compared to Decentraland and The Sandbox respectively, NFT Worlds are:

  • More scarce (10,000 vs 90,000 vs 166,464)
  • Fully editable in real-time

and will be blockchain and web API compatible for in-game transactions in 2022. Neither of Decentraland or The Sandbox has this.

With the token airdrop planned for NFT holders soon, watch the price of this collection. Additionally, invest if you are looking for an easy-to-make, fully customizable metaverse world!

Something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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