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In our previous article, we gave an introduction to Spinamp. Now, in this article, we’ll look to see how the software is progressing with its users.

Spinamp mission is to become the preferred way to listen to and share web3 music. With the application available across today’s major platforms, the Spinamp team has covered the most popular bases. The app has a clean user interface and mobile syncing. The Spinamp team is really striving for a great experience.

As mentioned before, Spinamp is available on iOS, Android, and web app. In this article, you will discover how your NFTs can interact with this new use case.

The Spinamp Music Experience

The app itself provides multiple options to connect a crypto wallet. In true Web3 fashion, the user no longer needs to log in. All the essential are player options present:

  • The heart Icon: It quickly adds a song to favorites, shuffle and adds to a playlist.
  • The “repeat and share with a friend” feature.
  • Seek out a curated list of the latest songs: When clicking on the “Collections” area, the app pulls all the music NFTs that are stored in your crypto wallet.
  • The search area provides music from other platforms: Currently, these include Catalog, NOZID, Sound.xyz, and Nina.
  • Discover playlists: Put together by other community members of Spinamp.
  • Artist section: It is great to see many artists already embracing Music NFTs. The list itself is pretty extensive.
  • Explore button: By tapping Explore, users have the ability to check out other Music NFT artists recommended by Spinamp.


Source: Spinamp
Web3 Native Music NFTs

To begin with, Spinamp connects with your main wallet. Then, the app generates and links a sub-wallet within the app. It does this to handle fewer security-critical actions. Having a sub wallet embedded into the player provides a seamless experience. It is safe too, the sub wallet automatically signs all interactions with the pre-approved private keys. This allows users to self-certify their identity and activity automatically and keep control of their data.

As we know listening to music is a continuous interaction. Users stream, change tracks, collect favorites, and curate playlists every day. This would be annoying to do with wallet signatures for every interaction. Therefore, the sub wallet eliminates the need to approve every action.

Putting Users First with Music NFTs

Spinamp designed its service with users to be offline. They have also considered user data and the handling of the data. Data is continually backed up with the signatures within the wallet. Recovering music and interaction synchronization become simpler. This is true as long as the user keeps their wallet. This capability, it puts users in control of their own data.

Moreover, deleting the app does not matter as restoring a profile is simply a matter of reconnecting the wallet. Currently, backups are not yet fully decentralized. However, the authorization, login systems, and data will be compatible with future decentralized backups. The Spinamp team is exploring solutions to decentralize the backup and sync process.

The Flexibility of Blockchain And Music as a Community

If a listener follows or forks a playlist, they retain access to it even if the original creator deletes it. As a creator, if they change their mind and want to delete items, this is possible. The ability to update data, and remove associations with the music without impacting its followers.

In addition to catering to single users, the Spinamp team is dedicated to its community. They have:

  • Set up “Spinamp Connect” specifically for this.
  • Enabling a system for their community to explore further decentralized experiments in music streaming and discovery.

This release of this capability opens up a multitude of paths for Spinamp’s future.

The Current Problem With The Music NFT Space

It is great to see the Spinamp team moving forward with music NFTs. However, the team or the software itself cannot change the industry. Inherent problems exist with the Music NFT movement:

  • The cost to mint Music NFTs: This is a big factor. Usually, small-time music artists already struggle to produce and press a record. Custom smart contracts are expensive to deploy and require understanding to get started.
  • Buying music NFTs comes with a premium that excludes most fans: Although some Web3 artists have managed to deploy and get ahead in the space. The best artists in the world are not currently releasing Music NFTs. Many have criticized that the quality is not up to par with the amount of hype Music NFTs get.


  • There is no clear path on how to get started: Articles and guides exist but as a whole, the steps to becoming a Web3 artist are very unclear and hazy. The learning curve involved requires patience. Whether this is a new set of terms, acronyms, or the new language of Web3 and its technologies commitment is needed to fully understand the space.
  • Issues related to intellectual property and the rights: It is associated with how to treat Music NFTs. This brings into question ownership. Most Music NFTs come with no underlying ownership and the vast majority of traffic is around collectibles. Even that is an issue as it is hard to define value in Music NFTs as it means something different to every person.
Music NFTs are Just Getting Started

From a maturity perspective, Music NFTs are in their infancy. In fact, one could state this is over-optimistic and we are at the birth of Music NFTs. What we can agree on this is an exciting new chapter for music. The innovators have entered the space and the early adopters are embracing them.

Nowadays, there is a long way for Music NFTs to hit mass adoption but with apps like Spinamp, there are promising signs. They are considering users by ensuring their app is easily accessible. They are also providing tools for developers. This will help build new experiences for the growing web3 music ecosystem. The team is continuously asking for feedback and input indicating that early adopters will help push innovation forward.

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