top 3 nft marketplaces in polygon

NFTs are taking the world by storm! So many artists, creators, and collectors are flocking to this exciting new space. And Polygon is the go-to network for NFT marketplaces.

But which Polygon NFT marketplace should you pitch your tent in? This article explores the top three NFT marketplaces on Polygon.

# 1: Opensea

OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace. It supports blockchain networks like Polygon, Ethereum, and Klatyn. It was founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. It started as a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling Ethereum-based digital assets. However, it’s since expanded to support other blockchains, including Polygon.

So, OpenSea has quickly grown into the largest NFT marketplace regarding trading volume also. For example, It has over $303 million in items listed for sale. OpenSea’s unique selling point is its focus on community and user experience. It offers various NFT categories, including art, gaming assets, collectibles, virtual real estate, and more.

User Experience, Fees and Pricing in OpenSea

The registration process on OpenSea is straightforward. You just need to go to Opensea and connect your wallet by tapping the tab. Then, users can browse and search for NFTs based on category, creator, price, and more. The marketplace offers a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Users can view NFT listings with detailed information. You will have the description, creator information, price, and associated royalty fees.

Buying and selling NFTs on OpenSea is also relatively easy. Users can make an offer or purchase an NFT directly. In addition, OpenSea offers a built-in wallet for buyers and sellers. It helps to store and manage their assets.

Also, OpenSea’s security measures are robust. Users only need to enable two-factor authentication. Then they need to verify their identity before making significant transactions. The marketplace also offers a dispute resolution process in case of any issues.

OpenSea used to charge a 2.5% transaction fee on all sales made on its platform. But at the time of writing, it’s not charging a fee for collections on Polygon and other networks. However, creators can set a royalty fee. It entitles them to a percentage of any subsequent sales of their NFTs.

Opensea Community and Support

OpenSea has a thriving community of buyers and sellers. The marketplace also offers a forum where users can discuss NFTs and share their creations. So, OpenSea’s support channels include a comprehensive FAQ section and a help center. It also has social media channels where users can reach out for assistance.

Overall, OpenSea is an excellent NFT marketplace for buying or selling NFTs on the Polygon network. Its wide range of NFT categories, low or no fees, and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for many

# 2: Rarible

Rarible is an NFT marketplace founded in 2020 by Alexei Falin and Alex Salnikov. It aims to democratize the NFT market by offering a decentralized platform. It enables creators to sell their digital assets without intermediaries. Rarible’s unique selling point focuses on community-driven creation.

The marketplace offers a range of NFT categories, including art, collectibles, music, gaming assets, and more. The marketplace has seen notable creators and collections, including Grimes and Marvel.

User Experience, Fees and Pricing.

Getting started with Rarible is relatively straightforward. You can register for an account in just a few clicks. And the platform supports several wallet options, including MetaMask, Rainbow, and Coinbase.

Once you register, you can begin browsing and searching for NFTs. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to filter and sort NFTs based on category, price, and more. You have several community features, including social sharing and an active Discord channel.

Unlike most NFT marketplaces, Rarible doesn’t charge any gas fee for buying and selling NFTs on the Polygon network. Compare that to the Ethereum network. You could be charged as much as 20%.

So, pricing on Rarible can vary significantly depending on the NFT’s rarity, quality, and demand. Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars, while others can be purchased for just a few dollars.

Community and Support

Rarible also has a vibrant and active community. They have users who regularly share their creations and feedback on the platform. So, the marketplace offers several support channels. These include a comprehensive FAQ section and a troubleshooting page. In addition, the Rarible team is active on social media. It regularly engages with users, making it easy for users to share feedback and suggestions.

So, Rarible is a user-friendly NFT marketplace that works on the Polygon network. Its free gas fee and support system make it a superb option for buying and selling NFTs on the Polygon network.

# 3: Element Market

Element Market is a marketplace that works on the Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Avalanche networks. A team of experienced developers and blockchain enthusiasts founded Element Market.

The founding team includes James Simpson. Simpson is the founder of the Ethereum scalability project Loom Network. So, the marketplace’s unique selling point is user experience and community engagement. It claims it is the first community-driven and aggregated marketplace.

It aims to make buying and selling NFTs accessible to everyone, regardless of technical knowledge. Element Market features a variety of NFTs, including art, collectibles, music, gaming assets, and more.

The marketplace also showcases notable creators and collections, such as the CryptoDads and the NFT artist Pak.

User Experience, Fees and Pricing 

To use Element Market, users must tap the Connect button at the top of the page. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few steps. Element Market supports Metamask and other crypto wallets.

Then, users can browse the marketplace by searching for specific NFTs or browsing different categories. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate. Buying and selling NFTs on Element Market is also a smooth process.

So, sellers can list their NFTs by providing the title, description, and price. Once a buyer makes a purchase, the NFT is transferred directly to his Polygon wallet. Users can join different communities on the platform to engage with other NFT enthusiasts. The platform also has social sharing features. These allow users to share their favorite NFTs on various social media platforms.

On the other han, Element Market charges a 2 to 2.5% fee for each NFT sold on the platform. This fee is relatively low compared to other NFT marketplaces. The marketplace, however, does not charge any listing fees. So it’s accessible to creators who want to showcase their NFTs without incurring additional costs.

One of the benefits of using Element Market is the ability to purchase NFTs using MATIC. As a result, it can be cheaper and faster than other cryptocurrencies.

Community and Support

Element Market has an active community of NFT enthusiasts. They engage with each other through the platform’s various community features. One of its community features is on Twitter, where the brand and users engage frequently. The platform, however, needs a support section with FAQs for users who need assistance.

Still, Element Market is a promising NFT marketplace on the Polygon network. It provides a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and discovering NFTs. It also focuses on community engagement and user experience.


Polygon has become a popular platform for NFT marketplaces due to its low transaction fees and fast confirmation times. The top three NFT marketplaces on Polygon are OpenSea, Rarible, and Element Market. These marketplaces provide various features and user experience benefits for collectors and investors.

When choosing an NFT marketplace on Polygon, consider factors such as transaction fees, ease of use, and the types of NFTs supported. Ultimately, the choice of NFT marketplace will depend on individual needs and preferences.

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