The NFT market is in a precarious place right now. With the combination of:

  1. crypto traders dumping their money into various dog coins
  2. ETH hitting an all-time high
  3. and ETH gas fees being through the roof,

NFT trading is as risky as it’s been in a while.

Projects are still being released at the same rate. In fact, maybe even an increasing rate at this point. But fewer and fewer people are willing to get in on the ground floor. Fewer minting projects will be successful. My ratings will be lower as to take this into account so keep that in mind! After all, timing in the market matters.

Be wary of where you are spending your money right now and, it is more important now than ever, to do your research!

Starting with Smilesssvrs, let’s take a look at 4 mints coming up in the next week that you should add to your list. Look into these projects and determine if they are the right investment for you. Some mint today so don’t wait:


Mint Date: October 29th @
Mint Price: ฮž0.1 + gas
Supply available: 8888
Why: Community shine, literally.

Featured on the popular OhhShiny Twitter Spaces show, Smilessvrs has found themselves connected deeply within prominent NFT communities and influencers.

Incorporating a crazy amount of detail into each NFT, the amount of effort put into this collection is no secret. This is not a project contracted out to Fiverr to make a quick buck. Smilessvrs is a collection with actual time and effort put into it, and the NFT community on Twitter seems to see this as well.

The project has done all the right things ingratiating itself within the NFT space. Keep an eye on the public mint for this one today.

Rating: 6/10


Mint Date: Mint Pass sale October 31st, public sale Nov 13th
Mint Price: Mint Pass ฮž0.13, Public Mint ฮž0.0666 + gas each
Supply Available: 666 Mint Pass, 10,000 public sale
Why: Fully licensed, influential, popular culture reference.

LEATHERFACES by Ultra Rare is dropping right in time for the Halloween season. Ever heard of the iconic movie series Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Cult-classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) influenced an entire genre of Horror movies. The chainsaw sound haunted an entire generations’ nightmares.

LEATHERFACES has been licenced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre to use the Leatherface character in the collection.

Strictly for the IP, this is a very interesting project to watch. As the lines between what is considered mainstream culture and NFT culture blur, more and more popular IP will be seen in NFT collections. This is one of the first of many to keep our eyes on.

Just look at Disney in the news for example.

Rating 7/10

Wicked Monster Bone Club

Mint Date: October 31st 7PM UTC
Mint Price: ฮž.666ETH-ฮž.333 +gas descending
Supply Available: 1,111 for Public mint, 5,555 for WBC holders
Why: Past success, with a reputable team. Plain and simple.

Wicked Monster Bone Club, released by Wicked Bone Club, is a drop you should have at the top of your list. Creators of the popular Wicked:

  • Ape (Wicked Ape that is) (ฮž0.2 floor)
  • Wicked Hound (ฮž0.125 floor)
  • Wicked Penguin (0.2SOL floor)

Bone clubs are affordable, yet still popular collections. Aside from the external factors affecting ETH, and NFT minting, in general, there shouldn’t be a ton of worry about this project flopping. A very reputable team, with past success, should give you good reason to look at this project.

I didn’t even get to mention the 3D art style of this project. A completely different endeavor than the rest of their cartoon-styled collections, look out for these to stand out from the rest.

Rating: 8/10


Mint Date: November 1st
Mint Price: Free + gas
Total Supply: 9998
Why: Free, deflationary, customizable, and more

On my list even before the free update, Blockbots have adapted to the gas and Eth issues. Converting from a paid to a free+gas mint allows the price to be roughly the same even with the insane gas prices in mind. A very smart, community-focused move to put more Blockbots in the hands of people that want them but may not have made the plunge.

These bots come with a list of utilities if the growth-focused devs were not enough to interest you:

  • Burn two by combining to create a leveled up, rarer NFT
  • Stake to gain $IND token
  • Deposit in $NFTX vault for more rewards
  • Change looks based on your mood
  • Fight in upcoming P2E (play to earn) arena

This is a project that seems to be hitting the right strides at a bad time in the space. Add BlockBots to your research list ASAP.

Rating 7/10

And for those that read the entire blog from start to finish, here’s a little tip for you. I’ve mentioned Zeneca before in my articles. He’s one of the most reputable names in the space. A must-follow if you are in NFTs.

This will be a must-mint. A 10/10 on my rating scale. Not many people understand the space better than Zeneca, and those that do sell their projects for millions, for example.

We recommend you to join the discord accounts for these projects and follow them on Twitter. Ask questions and invest in projects that interest you!

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