VeVe partners with Immutable X to bring their NFTs to ETH network.

VeVe, the Marketplace That Showcases Premium Licensed NFTs, Has Partnered With Immutable X.

First, this partnership brings zero gas fees, full ownership and carbon-neutral assets to the VeVe marketplace. This integration brings VeVe NFTs to the first ETH layer 2 (L2) solution, Immutable X.

Second, the marketplace has existing partnerships with brands such as:

  • Disney
  • Marvel
  • DC Comics
  • Back to the Future
  • Warner Bros

In fact, VeVe boasts some of the largest brands in the entertainment space. And with 2.6 million NFTs sold in total and 1 million active users, VeVe is a top marketplace in NFTs.

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X enables gas-free minting and trading of NFTs, a first in the space from a Layer 2 solution. Additionally, the bridge to the Ethereum network through Immutable X brings:

  • Instant transactions
  • Scalability
  • Carbon Neutral Marketplace
  • Fantastic Developer and User Experience

To the VeVe marketplace. And for more, Immutable X has integrated with OpenSea and Mintable to bring their NFTs to the masses.

What Does This Partnership Mean for VeVe?

This partnership is massive for the platform. For example, a common issue they faced was the lack of scalability and liquidity with their releases.

Co-founder of Immutable X Robbie Ferguson says on the partnership:

“VeVe switching to Immutable’s Ethereum-based scaling platform proves that scale, user experience, and carbon impact no longer have to be a trade-off with the security and liquidity of the world’s most popular blockchain. We’re thrilled to help create a scalable way for millions of people to use Ethereum’s open ecosystem.”

Also, VeVe was one of the top-grossing entertainment apps on the Google Play and Apple stores prior to this announcement. For instance, Immutable X currently houses some of the largest NFT projects like:

  • Superfarm
  • TikTok Collectibles
  • Illuvium
  • Gods Unchained

Above all, VeVe believes that bringing both:

  • the scalability that Ethereum provides
  • and combining that with the partnerships they have

that they could become the largest NFT marketplace on the internet.

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