Voltura.eth has become one of the hottest accounts on NFT Twitter over the last few days and for good reason.

Voltura is taking a completely different approach to NFT marketing than we usually see.

Going a different way than that of the FCFS-Bot filled Discord Whitelist process we usually see, Voltura decided to reward members of their personal community.

Voltura has gained over 20,000 followers since this tweet. With slow growth at the start, Voltura questioned if the account would gain 1000 followers in the next 24 hours.

Starting at 67 people for the WhiteList, Voltura hit 10k followers and started to give away WhiteList spots like they were Oprah giving away cars.

Everyone was getting whitelist spots!

Giving out whitelist spots to random interactors on Twitter created a storm of memes, pictures, and tweets under every Voltura Tweet. Spending the next 72 hours, Voltura continued to give out WL spots, with plans to give out 4000 spots. Each lister will be able to mint two NFTs with 1500 remaining going to public mint.

Essentially an entirely whitelisted project, this is one built on the foundation of community. Not only just giving out WL spots, but Voltura is also giving free NFTs to their most creative followers:

Whitelists Typically Are Very Difficult for the Average Collector to Get On for Popular Projects

Usually awarded to the first and most active users in Discord Servers, this system only rewards bots and those that can spend all day in Discord servers.

Instead, they are offering to those that want to be a part of this community, as opposed to those who want to use it for profit. Look for more projects to take this approach in the future. Look at what WGMI Interfaces has done with its community-building approach:

Still, without a Discord server, Interfaces is building a creative Twitter community. Interfaces share the best creations made with their IP. Followers are still only using sneak previews of the collection. It hasn’t even minted yet!

This seems to be the best way to build a strong community. Instead of leaving your gas-wars-less White-list to bots and flippers, you give them to the people that actually deserve them.

You give them to kids who are in school all day. Or to people who may have never been able to get their hands on a popular collection before. These are the people who will value and appreciate the project, so why not reward them. An innovative solution to a currently saturated market, Voltura is developing its project the right way.

Dropping in early December, there is plenty of time to take part in the WhiteList extravaganza. All you need to do is interact and engage, and you could be the next on the list.

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