Disney announced a partnership with VeVe late last month. A step closer to the NFT sector, companies like McDonald’s, Nike, and Quentin Tarantino decided to get involved. Now, Disney+ is finally seeing the value of NFTs.

In a lead-up to Disney+ Day on November 12th, VeVe releases “Golden Moments” every day from Disney NFTs property.

Therefore, NFT buyers receive three months of Disney+ free in select markets. On the final day of this release, buyers will receive a year’s subscription to Disney+ with each purchase.

How Has Other NFT Release Gone?

As most probably predicted, there was a lot of demand for the first official Disney NFT collection. On the other hand, The Simpsons drop was full of bugs and errors for buyers. Therefore, VeVe had to release a statement after the mint.

Promising a much smoother release for future drops, plenty of users seem to cast some doubts about those promises. Similar issues plagued the Elsa and Mickey’s Sorcery Hat drop the very next day.

Plenty of users are even calling for VeVe to delay the launch of the following Golden Moments collection. With some users able to get ten boxes while others couldn’t even get into the app, the distribution system seems a little unfair to some buyers.

With Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and the Premium NFT Drop Coming, Veve Needs to Fix Errors Soon.

Understandably, the platform was not intended to house demand for Disney IP less than a year after release. The demand for NFTs has grown so rapidly over the past year, the tech is failing to keep up. If this is a trend that continues, expect more mainstream companies to be hesitant in their entrance into the space.

Therefore, negative reviews continue to flow in on the Google Play Store. Users are clearly upset with the drop process and they are not afraid to have their voices heard. Disney is hearing and seeing these reviews. They are most likely monitoring their first step in a new space with scrutiny. If VeVe doesn’t figure this out soon, expect more mainstream giants to be a little more hesitant in the future.

On the other hand, with Marvel, Star Wars, and the premium drop still to come, purchase diamonds, the currency used to buy Golden Moments, with caution. Many users are buying Diamonds hoping to have a chance to get their hands on the drops, with the app failing to work in the first place. They are now stuck with these illiquid diamonds with no resale value at the moment.

On the other hand, owning the first iteration of Disney licensed NFTs is definitely something every major NFT collector wants if you can get your hands on this collection. Add in demand from Disney fanatics, and the rarest from this collection just may be extremely valuable in the future.

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