DePIN + RWA: The Next 100X Altcoin?

I know almost every influencer is covering this topic but if they are telling you Solana, Cardano, XRP will 50x. I think they are wrong. 

For such gains, we need to do something like identifying Solana in May 2020 which then skyrocketed from $0.22 to $259. A whopping 117910%. And the only 10x 50x 100x opportunity can be found in potential early-stage crypto projects. In this article, I will be talk about a real early-stage altcoin that just had its token launch and is one of the most promising projects in the most promising sector DePIN. Could this be our next Solana?

PEAQ Potential?

But before I dive into what is Peaq and why our research team thinks it is a high-potential project let me quickly tell you that Peaq just had its token generation event on Coinlist.

Peaq token launch was a community offering for Coinlist users and the registration ended on May 16. Here is an interesting observation: Every bull season Coinlist provides crypto investors early access to some high-potential tokens and some of these tokens really explode. 

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In 2021 it listed ImmutableX at $0.1 which then touched an ATH of $9.5. that’s another 95x. In 2022, it listed Mina, Centrifuge, and Effinity. In 2024 it listed Ondo on May 12 which is already sitting at 10x ROI. It seems Coinlist has an eye for the next big player and this time it could be Peaq. Let me explain 2 strong reasons for that. Oh before that let me quickly explain Peaq.

What is Peaq?

Peaq is a layer-1 blockchain specially designed for DePIN and Machine RWAs. We already know DePIN and RWA are the two hottest sectors for this bullrun and Peaq is placed right at the epicenter of this. 

What impresses me about Peaq is that it’s not just a project promising to deliver big. In fact, it has already delivered a lot. It is already home to more than 25 applications in 10 industries and 400,000+ devices, vehicles, machines, and robots (Machine RWAs) that run on them.

In fact, on May 16th, peaq made a big announcement. Peaq has been selected for Mastercard’s award-winning Start Path program. In this program, Mastercard will help Peaq explore synergies and opportunities between the DePIN sector and the world of traditional finance and fintech. 

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Some of the examples of how Peaq is already powering projects that make automation more inclusive include the world’s first tokenized robot cafe. This was unveiled at TOKEN2049 in Dubai, which enables token holders to earn rewards from every cup of coffee it sells.

Other major examples include Silencio, a 200,000+ user network for crowdsourcing noise pollution data, and a car-sharing service of tokenized Teslas by ELOOP Network.

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So in short peaq is a blockchain that has users, and established use cases so what could stop Peaq tokens from exploding? See success of a blockchain does not assure the success of its token too.

Yes, we might see the token price drive higher due to the hype but that could be short-lived. So to ascertain whether all this growth could translate into an explosive Solana-like growth of the Peaq token, I will do a token test at the end of this article.

More About Peaq

Another interesting thing about Peaq as a blockchain is that its current fundamentals offer a strong foundation for long-term growth and scaling. What do I mean when I say that? Let me explain. 

At present peaq’s network initially supports around 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) which is much higher than what robust networks like Visa and PayPal are able to handle. This means if and when the number of dApps and users grows, the network will not go down like Solana.

And neither will Peaq suffer heavy transaction costs like Ethereum. At present network fees are $0.00025  making it the perfect home for microtransaction-heavy apps leveraging real-world machines. So it is clearly established that the Peaq blockchain will attract DePIN, RWA project developers, and hence the users. In fact, its already happening and that is the first reason why I believe Peaq is a solid project.

Reason #1

By now we all know DePIN is the hottest bullrun sector, we have seen DePIn projects like Render explode and Peaq is becoming the hub of DePin projects. See more than 7 DePin projects migrated from other blockchains to Peaq.

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For example, Mapmetrics migrated from Solana to Peaq with 55,000 users and devices in 177 countries, and Mapmetrics has a partnership with Microsoft and Bingmaps. So we see some serious users coming to Peaq. But the real question is why is Peaq witnessing this rush of DePIn Projects. 

Reason #2

First of all, Peaq is an interoperable blockchain which is very important for the future of any project. So any projects building on Peaq will have ease of asset movement. Secondly, Peaq is specifically designed to support DePIN and RWA dapps for fast, low-cost operations.

All-in-all Peaq looks like a solid project will all this growth pump the token too? Lets do the token test

Peaq Token Test

A token pumps only due to the growth of the blockchain only when it finds the right utility in the ecosystem. So, let’s analyze whether peaq token is well utilized within its ecosystem:

  • Use case of $PEAQ: Just like Ethereum uses $ETH as transaction fees, the $PEAQ altcoin is used for transaction fee payment on the Peaq blockchain. The millions of machines, vehicles, and sensors across the DePINs developed on the Peaq ecosystem are expected to generate millions of transactions.
  • Staking system: Peaq relies on the work of collators and delegators for block production. Peaq ensures that blocks are produced in an honest, censorship-resistant, and reliable way through a staking mechanism that includes a slashing mechanism. This mechanism incentivizes Collators and Delegators to perform honest work and punishes them for dishonesty. Collators need to provide a staking deposit to run a collator node to have “skin in the game”.
  • Use case for network governance: Holding $PEAQ will enable you to gradually guide the project by voting on key decisions via on-chain governance concerning its development and future.
  • Use Case reputation system: Machine owners will be able to stake the $PEAQ altcoin as an extra guarantee of their machines’ trustworthiness.

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I believe all this gives $PEAQ a solid use case within its own growing ecosystem. But let’s take a look at the tokenomics.

PEAQ Tokenomics

$PEAQ is an altcoin that has a max supply of 4,200,000,000 and it has a disinflationary model: The inflation rate is initially set at 3.5%, ensuring sufficient incentives for early adopters. However, this inflation rate will decrease annually by 10% and will stabilize once the network reaches 1% inflation.

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The community will be able to propose adjustments to the inflation/deflation settings via the network governance mechanism. To be honest I am not happy about this disinflationary model. It still means inflation is there and time and again we might see the token price drop. But we cannot ignore the fact that Peaq is a solid project and could be your next 100x altcoin.



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