how to use the sollet wallet

Sollet is a non-custodial, open-source browser extension wallet for the Solana network. The wallet application is developed by the Project Serum team. Solana network users can use the wallet application to send, receive, swap SPL tokens.  

The wallet is mainly suited for advanced users and developers as it provides you with many network options to connect with.

In this article, we will explain how you can install and set up the Sollet wallet, and use it for the Chrome browser.

Install Sollet (Chrome browser)

To install the wallet application for the Chrome browser, visit the link here.

Sollet wallet

You will find the below screen. Click on the Add to Chrome button.

Next, it will ask your permission to add the wallet application to your browser. Once you approve, the application will be installed in your browser.

You will find the below-highlighted icon in your browser.

Sollet wallet

Set Up Sollet

To set up the application, click on it. It will show your backup phrase that you need to store safely to recover your account later.

Next, the application will ask you to set up your wallet’s password. Once done, you can see the wallet landing screen.

Sollet wallet


To receive funds in your Sollet wallet, you need the receiving/ public address.

To get the public address, click on the Receive button. You can now see your public address and the QR code that you can copy and share with other users.

Sollet wallet


Use the Send option to transfer funds to other wallet users. To transfer, click on the Send button. You will find two fields where you need to enter the recipient address and the amount you wish to send.

Confirm the process.

Sollet wallet

Deposit Via FTX Pay

The Sollet wallet allows you to access your FTX account from your wallet. Once a user selects this option, they will get a pop-up to log in to their FTX account. They can then deposit any supported assets from their FTX account to their wallet.

You will use the below-highlighted icon to open the FTX deposit function. Next, you can select the token that you wish to deposit and finally click on the Open FTX Pay button.

Sollet wallet

This will open an FTX login page where you can enter your login credential to access the platform.


The Swap option lets you convert one supported token into another.

In the first field, users need to enter the token that they wish to give. And, in the second field, they have to enter the token that they want to buy.

Next, enter the amount of the source token and the application will show you the amount of the resultant token that you will get in return.

Sollet wallet

Confirm the process by clicking on the Swap button.

Add Token

By default, you will find the SOL token in your wallet. If you wish to add any other token then you can search by clicking on the plus sign (highlighted below).

To add a token just click on the Add button beside it. Note that adding tokens in your wallet is not free and charges you a nominal fee of 0.002039 SOL currently.

Sollet wallet


The Sollet wallet is developer-friendly and allows them to connect with several networks (dev net, test net, localhost, and main net).

Sollet wallet

You can select any and change your wallet’s configuration to the desired one.

Import Hardware Wallet

The Sollet wallet allows you to connect and work with a ledger device.

To connect, go to Setting-> Import Hardware Wallet. Now follow the instructions appearing on the screen to access your ledger device.

Sollet wallet

Add Account

The Add Account option allows the users to import an existing wallet into a new device. Users can import their accounts by providing the private keys of their wallets.

Sollet wallet

This option allows the users to manage multiple accounts using a single wallet interface. Users can switch to any account and work with it.

Resources: Sollet

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