best 3 decentralized exchanges in aptos

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and non-custodial wallets give you control over your digital assets. In the case of the Aptos blockchain, it has some promising DEXes.

According to DeFillama, It’s also one of the few blockchains that currently see their TVL rising. So, let’s have a look at 3 popular decentralized exchanges on Aptos.

1) PancakeSwap

We all know PancakeSwap from the BSC chain and Ethereum. Now PancakeSwap also arrived at Aptos and take the first spot in TVL. Their TVL on Aptos is $30 million with a 59% market dominance. On Ethereum, their TVL is $13.25 million. However, here they can only claim the 98th spot.

So, as you can see, PancakeSwap is a heavy hitter. Their decision to join Aptos was a great move. On one side, it gave PancakeSwap a new audience. On the other hand, Aptos got a nice and much needed boost in TVL. They also offer one of the most user-friendly UIs in DeFi. PancakeSwap currently offers the following options for their Aptos users:

  • Swap
  • Add liquidity
  • Bridge 
  • Farms
  • And pools

Soon they will also add IFOs or an Initial Farm Offering. These are presale fundraising projects that underwent stringent vetting by a DEX.

2) AUX Exchange

According to DeFillama, the AUX Exchange on Aptos is second with TVL on Aptos. Their $10 million TVL is 1/3 of PancakeSwap’s TVL on Aptos. 

This exchange is more than just an average DEX. Besides offering an AMM, they also offer a trading platform that looks like a CEX. This CLOB, a central limit order book, has no fees, neither for taker nor maker, and advanced options. For example, limit orders, ‘Fill or Kill’, or ‘Immediate or Cancel’. Not even all smaller CEXes offer these advanced trading options. The AMM charges up to 0.3% fee on trading fees.

They most certainly have a few funny bones. See the following tweet describing their whitepaper:

In the meantime, it looks like they did become a bit more serious. They raised $5 million in a recent seed round. Currently, they offer the following features:

  • Swap
  • Liquidity pools (AMM)
  • Central limit order book (CLOB)
  • Router for best execution between AMM and CLOB
  • Portfolio tracker, among others.

The Pontem Wallet on Aptos wrote an in-depth article about the Aux Exchange on their blog.

3) LiquidSwap

LiquidSwap was the first DEX on Aptos. It’s developed by the Pontem Network. To clarify, these are the same folks behind the Pontem Wallet. In November 2022, they launched a collection of 1000 NFTs on Topaz. Everybody who interacted with the DEX from genesis to 31st October 2022, could claim an NFT. This Pontem Space Pirate collection has turned into an Aptos blue chip NFT. Their floor price is currently 32 APT. Everybody who managed to mint also got a free 1 APT.

They offer a swap, pools, a bridge, and a page of stats. Their TVL is currently $8.6 million, and they’re the #3 ranked DEX on Aptos. According to DeFillama, LiquidSwap has a total value locked of $73.5 million. Most days during the last 30 days, they traded around $300,000 per day. However, on January 9th and 10th, it shot up to around $931,000 each day. 


We showed you the top 3 DEXes on the Aptos blockchain. PancakeSwap takes up a 51% dominance here. AUX Exchange offers, besides an AMM, also a central limit order book or CLOB. LiquidSwap was the first DEX on Aptos. Apart from NFTs, Aptos also has an interesting DeFi space.

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