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There have been a few things shaking on the Polygon tree. Like ripe fruit, it fell, so we can have a closer look at it. There was a 20% weekly increase in transaction numbers per user. On the other hand, there was a drop in active user count. 

For transaction numbers, it was Aavegotchi that took the strudel with 1008%. Due to some new deployments. Furthermore, Sunflower Farmers had a 258% increase in their game. The game saw better security and improved features. However, there were also some network issues. So, let’s take a closer look at some more of this Polygon update and news.

Curve Farming With a 46% APY on Polygon

Small wallet users are having a hard time taking part in the Curve wars. Ethereum is just too expensive to claim the cvxCRV staking rewards. Having to lock up the CVX token for 16 weeks also doesn’t help. However, it is possible to bypass both tokens and still earn around 46% yield. The secret is to make CRV your principal asset on Polygon. Here is a great explanation of how to do this.

Curve on Polygon

Source: DefiPulse

Polygon Is Eliminating the Carbon Footprint in 2022

Polygon has a new partnership with KlimaDAO. Klima Infinity is the on-chain carbon market. Here, Polygon will buy credits and retire them. Furthermore, they will hold the KLIMA token to become Climate Positive. 

In turn, KlimaDAO will analyze the energy footprint of the Polygon network. For example, they will support Polygon’s emission management. Furthermore, they will look into the mitigation strategy. It’s an in-depth analysis and includes:

  • Emissions from staking node hardware.
  • Energy consumption of staking operations.
  • Contracts that interact directly with the Ethereum mainnet.

Sustainable development is part of Polygon’s broader vision. Among others, they have pledged $20 million. This goes to a variety of community initiatives to combat climate change.

Keep Track of Transactions with Polygon Score

Polygon Score or PolyScore keeps track of your transactions on Polygon. As a result, you receive rewards for your activity level. It uses two metrics:

  • Engagement— Number of transactions you make during the most recent two-week period.
  • Retention—During the last ten weeks, how many times did you engage with Polygon?

Developers get more insight into user activity. This allows them to hand out rewards. Therefore, we, as users, will receive rewards based on our activity level. More and more apps have already been installed, PolyScore. There is a website where you can track your score. See the picture below.

Polygon update

Source: PolyScore

Network Issues in Polygon

Unfortunately, it is not only good news for this Polygon update this month. During March, the network saw some serious outage issues. For example, the Heimdall update caused various network issues, with extended outages happening a few times. This has been going on for a few months now. On the other hand, according to Polygon, all funds and data stayed safe.


Polygon remains a growing project. Despite setbacks with their Heimdall upgrade. The resulting network outages seem to have stopped, though. Plenty of other good news is around. For example, the user-friendly rewards program of PolyScore.

Furthermore, Polygon is making serious work of sizing down on its carbon footprint. And last but not least, how about getting a 46% APY on Curve? Amazing DeFi yields are still the order of the day. All systems go, again! With this Polygon update, you’re back on track about their ecosystem.

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