What Is Origin Dollar (OUSD)?

Origin Dollar (OUSD) brings a new twist to earning rewards in the blockchain and crypto space. The stablecoin makes it possible to earn rewards by simply holding OUSD in your wallet.

According to reports, Origin Dollar (OUSD) is the world’s first-ever stablecoin to make earning rewards so easy. This article covers intricate details about Origin Dollar (OUSD), its features, products, mode of operation, etc.

Let’s find out more about this truly innovative stablecoin.

Brief History of Origin Dollar (OUSD)

Origin Dollar is one of the flagship products of the Origin Protocol. The protocol is focused on ensuring seamless access to both the NFT and DeFi ecosystems by the masses. Therefore facilitating awareness and mass adoption of these truly innovative ecosystems.

Interestingly, Origin Dollar is a unique, first-of-its-kind stablecoin. It is designed to facilitate passive income by simply sitting in a wallet. Users also do not need to lock up or stake the stablecoin before earning passive income.

Holders of OUSD also have the opportunity to earn APY as high as 14.26%. All earnings are also automatically remitted in OUSD. Therefore facilitating easy access to the yield with no hassle.

OUSD is the answer to several of the challenges facing the adoption of the DeFi ecosystem. The stablecoin serves as:

  • A reliable unit of account
  • The ideal stablecoin for novices in the DeFi and cryptocurrency space
  • An easy way to earn passive income
  • Also, provides access to some of the highest-earning DeFi opportunities available with zero hassles
Mode of Operation

Origin Dollar (OUSD) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 stablecoin. With an estimated value of 1:1 with the USD. And also backed 1:1 by other top stablecoins like USDT, DAI, and USDC.

The stablecoin also boasts of a unique dApp platform dubbed “The Origin Dollar dApp.” The dApp facilitates the buying and selling of OUSD. Also, providing the best rates to either buy or sell OUSD tokens.

To own OUSD, interested persons can easily swap their USDT, DAI, or USDC on the Origin Dollar dApp. Interested persons can also easily swap their OUSD back to supported stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and DAI on the dApp platform.

To use the dApp, people also need to have access to a Web 3.0-enabled wallet like Ledger, MetaMask, and Gnosis Safe. Trading can also take place on decentralized exchanges like 1inch, Uniswap v2 and v3, Curve, and Sushiswap. Trading OUSD is also supported on centralized exchanges like Gate.io, Virgo, KuCoin, etc.

Top Features of the OUSD Stablecoin

The unique stablecoin OUSD also boasts of a number of core features. These features include its elastic supply, wrapped OUSD, yield generation, availability of optional insurance, etc.

  • Elastic Supply – OUSD is quite different from other available crypto tokens. Its value remains fairly constant at around $1. This happens irrespective of an increase in its value under asset management. The stablecoin automatically adjusts its supply and balances its return based on individual token holder wallet balances.

Origin Dollar (OUSD) Elastic Supply

Source: Origin Dollar 

  • Yield Generation – OUSD boasts of an automated yield generation process. The yield generation has been improved upon several times. Therefore, facilitating high yields with little or no risks. OUSD also generates yield with features like lending, rewards, and market making.

It also generates yield by:

      • Returning exit fees to pools to serve as a reward to long-term token holders
      • Enlisting the support for price oracles to help facilitate higher collective rewards as compared to individual rewards
      • Automated process ensures top-notch balancing of both risks and rewards, etc.

In conclusion, OUSD stablecoin employs a decentralized governance mechanism. This means that its community members are in charge of all governance decisions concerning the OUSD stablecoin. This also means that community members who create value for OUSD will enjoy better incentives.

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