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Legion Network is bringing a revolutionary new blockchain ecosystem where tokens, NFTs, P2E games, and Metaverse get together. They are packed in a single super application that has recently reached 1 million downloads.

The goal of this decentralized platform is to close the gap between complex access to crypto services and early crypto adopters. So the best way to leverage their global engagement is by developing an IDO on Lithium launchpad.

Therefore, in this article, you will find out details about Legion Network and how to participate in its IDO.

Discover Legion, the Worlds’ First All-in-one Blockchain Ecosystem

Legion Network is solving the issue and complexity of accessing crypto-driven services. It makes it accessible and understood to both stock boomers and early crypto users.

Moreover, this platform wants to leverage the userbase of NFT buyers into the Global NFT Economy. These include well-known corporate brands, celebrities, influencers, and game developers. The goal is to make them and engage with their audiences to create art and increase their popularity.

For example, P2E game creators might crowdsource their projects to generate unique features for their gamers. The best part is that all of these developers benefit from NFT technology and may work without the danger of their ideas and products being stolen.

The product itself is stored in a single decentralized ‘Super App’ that provides quick and easy access to Legion Network’s range of services. The Legion ecosystem is divided into five distinct products:

  • Bluemoon

Artists will be able to work with companies as well as the community through Bluemoon. You can create, compare, trade, and rent NFTs in addition to buying and selling them.

  • Arcadia

Arcadia will not only provide a variety of P2E games in which gamers can earn LGX in return for their time and effort. But, it will also have daily contests that will give rewards and prizes.

  • Empower

Legion allows its users to not only learn, but also to get paid while doing so. Both students and instructors are empowered.

  • Rewards

You’ll be able to join a weekly giveaway to win prizes by completing different activities each week.

  • Bizpad

Legion’s Bizpad will serve as a one-stop-shop for Web3 software.

What is the Legion Network IDO About?

According to the annoucement, the private sale will be on February 17th on the Lithium Launchpad. In the table below, you can see details about Legion Network IDO.

PRIVATE SALE START 17. 02. 2022. 17:00 UTC
PRIVATE SALE END 17. 02. 2022. 20:00 UTC
PUBLIC SALE START 17. 02. 2022. 20:30 UTC
PUBLIC SALE END 17. 02. 2022. 21:00 UTC


The LGX token is a BEP-20 token. You can see more details in the Lithium Launchpad

How to Participate in the Legion Network IDO in Lithium Launchpad?

The Lithium Launchpad is a decentralized platform where crypto startups get better chances to succeed by offering an integral consultancy. Also, Lithium Launchpad is a place where big investors can have access to high-quality crypto projects.

Moreover, it’s important to mention that projects in Lithium Launchpad get supported by BSC, Polygon, and Cardano’s blockchain. Also, Lithium’s native token, EBSC, is the official currency of the platform.

lithium launchpad Legion Network

Source: Lithium

Here are the steps you need to follow to participate in Legion Network IDO:

  1. You’ll need $EBSC tokens to participate in a Legion IDOs private sale. You can get it on PancakeSwap.
  2. After you buy $EBSC you need to stake it. It is an easy procedure. You need to connect your wallet and just click the stake button.

You are now ready to invest after you have staked the $EBSC tokens. The amount that is possible to invest depends on the amount of staked $EBSC.

3. You must go to the Legion pool to invest. Make sure your wallet is connected and that you have enough BNB in your wallet.

4. When the IDO is completed, you will be able to claim your tokens on the pool website.

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