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This is Part 2 of an article series about the Sandbox Metaverse. Here’s a link to Part 1

This is a continuation article from our previous guide to the Sandbox Metaverse. Today, we’re looking at how the Sandbox Metaverse works. We answer the question on whether it’s free to play (F2P) as well.

Lastly, we look at how to make money from Sandbox, and how to acquire land within their metaverse. Before we find out how the Sandbox Metaverse comes together, let’s do a little recap. Remember in our 1st article, we spoke about the 3 products Sandbox offers? Yes! These are:-

  1. VoxEdit. Users can use this feature to create and animate 3D objects. It’s like an NFT creator tool.
  2. The Sandbox Game Maker. Users can create and develop their own experiences here.
  3. The Sandbox Marketplace. Users can sell their NFT creations here.
How Does the Sandbox Metaverse Work?

With the above 3 features, Sandbox Metaverse is similar to Roblox. If you’re not familiar with Roblox, you can refer to my previous research on Metaverse games. Simply put, Sandbox Metaverse was created as a decentralized platform. It will host multiple 3D games, or experiences.

Sandbox Metaverse

These games are created by users like you and me, using the Sandbox Game Maker. However, large companies can get involved too! Below, you can get a quick glimpse of their current Playmap.

Sandbox Metaverse Playmap
Source: The Sandbox

Now, of course it wouldn’t be fair to say that Sandbox is exactly similar to Roblox. They’ve got their differences too! Firstly, the Sandbox Metaverse is decentralized. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, Sandbox operates in tandem with crypto tokens. Sandbox’s native token, $SAND, is one such token. But, are there any others?

The Sandbox Metaverse – Types of Tokens

If you’ve been around the crypto GameFi space, you would know about $SAND. In the Sandbox Metaverse, $SAND serves as a native currency. It also serves as an access token to the Metaverse and its features. In addition, there’re many other tokens. These include:

  1. Asset Tokens. These are similar to NFTs. You create these with the VoxEdit tool which we mentioned earlier.
  2. Land Tokens. These represent virtual real estate within the Sandbox Metaverse. In the following section, we will discuss on how to acquire these.
  3. Game Tokens. These are tokens which represent the 3D games or experiences.

To learn more about in-game tokens like the above, you can refer to Sandbox’s blog post here. In summary, Sandbox’s products, features and tokens come together to form their own Metaverse. One that is simple and enjoyable for users of all ages.

Is Sandbox Metaverse Free To Play (F2P)?

If you’re interested to hop into the Sandbox Metaverse, we’ve got some good news for you! Basically, the Sandbox Metaverse is free to play! By using your time to play, you can earn rewards regularly. Then, you can use these rewards to acquire assets on the marketplace. These help to further enhance your gaming experience.

Although Sandbox Metaverse is an F2P game, we do recommend you hold some $ETH and $SAND tokens in your connected Metamask wallet. This will cover your gas costs and in-game transaction costs.

How To Make Money in the Sandbox Metaverse?

Well, there’re a few ways to make money here. To be specific, you’ll be earning $SAND tokens in the Metaverse, rather than money. How do we go about this? Let’s look at a few ways to earn some juicy $SAND bags.

  1. Special Events. As a player, you can join regular special events on the Metaverse. By participating, you stand a chance to earn $SAND tokens.

    Sandbox Metaverse Events
    Source: The Sandbox
  2. Staking. As a staker, you can earn a healthy return of $SAND tokens. You just have to lock your $SAND tokens within the platform.

    Source: The Sandbox
  3. Asset Creation. As a creator of assets and games, you can sell these for $SAND tokens. Visit the marketplace and you can find some neat examples!

    Source: The Sandbox
  4. Renting out your Land. As a Land owner, you can rent out your land for $SAND tokens. People who rent your Land are able to create games and experiences.

How To Buy Land in The Sandbox Metaverse?

So, it appears that Sandbox’s Lands could prove to be hot commodities. If they aren’t already. Being limited in supply and with earning potential, who wouldn’t want some Land? But, the question beckons. How can we get our hands on some Land?

Firstly, you could join in Sandbox’s regular Land sales! A recent sale is shown in the earlier tweet. From there, you can find more information. Simply put, these Land sales offer players, like you and me, a chance to buy Land using $SAND tokens. Currently, Land sales are held raffle-style.

Secondly, you could buy Land in the Sandbox marketplace too! Head on over to the marketplace and click on the “LAND & Estate” category. However, these are pretty costly at the moment. For your info, the cheapest Land costs 0.61 ETH, or about USD$766 at time of writing.

Marketplace for Land
Source: The Sandbox

We hope we’ve answered some of your burning questions on the Sandbox Metaverse! To conclude, it looks primed to attract many players in the near future. With its active community and thriving platform, we could be seeing some major adoption soon.

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