If you’ve watched the movies “Ready Player One” or “Avatar” before, you would have experienced the idea of a Metaverse game. In both movies, the main character first wears a machine. Then, they assume an alternate identity in a Metaverse different from their reality. Within their Metaverses, each character has their own special abilities and powers.

Yet, what makes each Metaverse compelling are the experiences they provide. Now, you may be thinking: “Wow that looks unreal in the movies. Metaverses today can’t be that advanced, right?”. Well, let’s answer this question by looking at an overview of Metaverse games today!

What is a Metaverse Game? 

Metaverse gaming is where real people leverage virtual gaming platforms to interact with others in a 3D world. Players also have the chance to represent themselves as avatars. Indeed, Metaverses give a whole new spin to digital gaming today. To learn more about Metaverse gaming, you can refer to our earlier FAQ article.

For sure, the future looks bright for the Metaverse space. Large tech companies recognize that too and are jumping on the bandwagon. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta are some examples. Yet, a “dark horse” in the tech space may be leading the pack.

Roblox – The “Dark Horse” and Its Metaverse Games

Online digital gaming platform Roblox is a company that delved into the Metaverse space early. Roblox offers multiple games or “experiences” on its platform. However, these experiences are all created by Roblox’s users. Yes, you heard right. On Roblox, any user like you and me can create our own experiences for any other user. So, we can both have fun playing or creating Metaverse games!

Source: www.roblox.com

With this idea, each experience on Roblox counts as its own Metaverse. Below is a list of the most popular experiences on Roblox today!

  1. Murder Mystery 2 – A mystery-solving game to find out who is the murderer.
  2. Arsenal – Fast-paced shooter game.
  3. Jailbreak – Immersive environment in a world of crime.
  4. Adopt Me! – Pet-based interactive game.
  5. Retail Tycoon 2 – A game for business building.
  6. Brookhaven RP – Metaverse with a city setting.
  7. Royale High – High school game with a magic theme.
  8. Vibe Station – Chill in a mini Metaverse building.
  9. My Restaurant! – Run your own restaurant.
  10. Natural Disaster Survival – Survive in a dangerous Metaverse!

Now, although these games can be fun, they aren’t exactly advanced like Avatar or Ready Player One. Today, there are Metaverse games in development hoping to build a more immersive experience.

Metaverse Games in Development

The list of developing projects below is currently in the building stage. Yet, they’re not building run-of-the-mill Metaverse games.

Wilder World
Source: https://hackernoon.com/what-metaverse-is-and-what-it-could-be-going-from-zero-and-wilder-world
  1. Crypto Citizen – An immersive action-packed Metaverse with shooting and racing games!

    Crypto Citizen
  2. Wilder World – An immersive 5D experience on Ethereum and Unreal Engine 5.
  3. Utherverse – A brand new Metaverse building project and interoperable hub.
  4. Paradox – Futuristic Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metaverse.
  5. Ertha – P2E Metaverse with land NFTs.
  6. Xana – Blockchain platform built for Metaverses.
  7. Polkacity – Alternate Reality Multi-chain Metaverse.
  8. Dark Frontiers – Outer space shooter and Metaverse game.
  9. Illuvium – Battle against monsters (Illuvials) in an open world Metaverse game.
  10. Plutonian – NFT-enabled role-playing (RPG) space-themed game, built on Solana.
  11. Elfin Kingdoms – Pokemon-themed P2E game.
Source: https://www.illuvium.io/

Some of these games above offer the P2E option. This could interest you if you’re looking to play some games for crypto tokens. With that, let’s explore this in the following section.

Metaverse Games to Make Money

Here, we’re solely looking at Metaverse games that can help you make money. Now, do note that some of these games could require an initial investment before you can start playing.

Vulcan Forged
Source: https://www.billelafros.com/vulcanverse-an-open-world-mmorpg-game-from-vulcanforged/
  1. Vulcan Verse – Earn $LAVA with $PYR staking, land staking, and daily quests.
  2. The Sandbox – Earn $SAND through P2E events. Keep track of these events here.
  3. Axie Infinity – Win battles against monsters for $SLP. Top the leaderboards for $AXS.
  4. My Neighbour Alice – Earn $ALICE through in-game quests. However, you do have to wait to play as the game just ended its first alpha season.
  5. Alien Worlds – Earn $TLM through mining with NFT tools on planets.
Metaverse Games on Android

Now, if you’re a mobile game LOVER with an android phone, you could check out these metaverse games below.

  1. Axie Infinity. Note Axie Origin is currently in development.
  2. Axes Metaverse. Note Axes is currently still in development.
  3. Bit Hotel. Note Bit Hotel is currently still in development.
  4. Revomon – A Pokemon-themed Virtual Reality (VR) game.
  5. Krystopia – Puzzle game.
  6. Chain of Alliance – Strategic science fiction game.
Metaverse Games on iOS

Similarly, if you’re an avid mobile gamer with an Apple iPhone, you could be interested in the below metaverse games:

  1. Revomon. Note iOS support for Revomon is currently still in development.
  2. Axie Infinity. Note Axie Origin is currently in development.
  3. Splinterlands – P2E Card game.
  4. Sorare – Fantasy Football game.
  5. Genopets – Move-to-Earn (M2E) NFT game.
Metaverse Games on Oculus

If you’re one step ahead of most gamers, you would have your own VR headset or Oculus. If so, then the following games could interest you.

Source: https://spintop.network/gamepedia/games/revomon
  1. Revomon – A Pokemon-themed Virtual Reality (VR) game.
  2. Horizon Worlds – Meta (Ex-Facebook)’s Metaverse game.
  3. Rec Room – Millions of player-created experiences.
  4. VR Chat – Social VR experiences.
  5. Espire 2 – First Person Shooter (FPS) game.

Now even if you don’t own an Oculus, this doesn’t mean you can’t access the Metaverse! In the next section, we look at more metaverse games that are free to play without any costs.

Metaverse Games That Are Free to Play

With just a simple computer (PC) and internet access, the Metaverse can be within your reach too. Below are some games which are available to everyone at no cost.

Source: https://wallpapersden.com/fortnite-chapter-3-season-2-resistance-wallpaper/
  1. Fortnite – One of the most popular Battle Royale-style and Metaverse games.
  2. Roblox – Metaverse platform offering many experiences.
  3. Minecraft – Pixel-like environment building game.
  4. Sorare – Fantasy Football game.

With the many lists above, I’m sure you’ll find a Metaverse game that suits your style and preferred gameplay.

To answer the question in the introduction – “Are the Metaverses of today as advanced as those in the movies?” The answer is an obvious no. Yet, the pace of Metaverse development is blistering. With crypto projects like Sandbox and Decentraland pushing the envelopes of the Metaverse space, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing “Avatar-like” Metaverses sooner than expected.


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