How to Buy/Sell Property in Upland

In the previous part of this series, we explained in detail the various property types and their rarity, as well as players’ status levels. In this part, we will explain how you can create an account in Upland and how you can buy or sell a property.

Upland Gaming Model

The Upland game follows a Play-To Earn model where platform users can buy, sell, and trade property as we generally do in the real world. Players can mint rare and unique property (NFTs) that is tradable in the secondary market for USD or UPX. Note that only KYC verified customers can directly sell their property in USD. As per the Upland report, till now the players have earned more than $1.5 million by playing and selling their assets.

Users can complete their property collection and earn additional rewards. They can participate in treasure hunts, property auctions, etc. organized by the project.

Access the Upland Platform

To use Upland, visit the platform’s main page. On the landing page, you will find an Enter Upland button. Click on it, and you will be redirected to this page. This is the login/sign-up page for the platform.


New users can create an account by using the Signup option. Existing users can log in by providing their credentials.

Sign Up

If you are a new Upland user, then you have to first create an account by going to the Signup page. The application will ask you to provide a few basic details for account creation.

  • User Name (4-12 character long)
  • Email Address
  • Password

Once you enter the above details, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Verify your email address, and you are in.

You can now see the Upland landing page. The platform may offer you a joining bonus in the form of the native UPX token. Collect your bonus. You can use it in buying in-game assets.



As with any game, here also you have to set an avatar. The avatar in Upland is called a Block Explorer. New users can choose their avatars from a predefined set provided by the platform. Higher level users will have the flexibility to choose their avatar on their own.


Get UPX From the Store

UPX is the in-game currency and has multiple utilities inside the Upland ecosystem. Users can use it to mint properties, buy NFTs from the Upland store, place marketplace transactions, and more. However, it is not tradable in the outside market. That means the usage of the token is strictly restricted to Upland and has no value outside of it.

Users can acquire more UPX tokens by clicking on the Get UPX button. Once you click on this button, it will open up the store where you can see different packages to buy the UPX token.

Select your package and approve the terms and conditions. Next, you can choose the method of how you wish to pay for your purchase. The application offers you two methods:

  • Pay With Paypal – Pay using your PayPal account.
  • Pay With Crypto – Pay using various cryptocurrencies.


If you want to pay using your existing crypto, then select the second option, i.e., Pay With Crypto.

Next, the application will provide you with options to choose different assets that you can use to pay for this buy. Select your preferred asset.


We have selected ETH. The application will now show the QR code and the address where you can send the desired amount. Transfer the amount displayed on the screen, and your account will be credited with the UPX token.


Once you complete your first purchase, you will again receive a bonus of 100 UPX tokens in your account.

Explore Upland

Once you have enough UPX tokens in your account, you will be prompted to select a city to embark on your journey in Upland. Choose your city wisely. If you didn’t like the city that you selected earlier, then you need to pay to take a train, plane, or bus to commute to some other city.

We have chosen Detroit as our city.


Once you are inside the city, you can explore and buy a property. New users are advised to buy properties marked with FSA. These are the properties that are reserved for only new users.


How to Buy Property in Upland

As we have said earlier, new users are encouraged to buy properties marked with FSA. Select your preferred property. You can see the Buy button.

Click on it and confirm the process by paying the desired UPX tokens.


Once done, you can check the property details owned by you.

Upland You can see the below features/actions that you can perform on your property:

  • Sell – Use this option to sell your property. This option is only available for Uplander or above status.
  • Send – Using this option, you can manually send your block explorer to a minted property. The block explorer can only pick those Send that are within the range. So, Uplanders first need to spend Send to get within the range. Uplanders automatically get three Sends every 24 hours and can hold a maximum of 11 Sends.
  • Build – Use this option to build a structure on your property.
  • Street – See Google map street map.
  • Title – Check your property title.
  • Offers – Available for Uplander or above status.

Read our previous guide to know more about the various property types in Upland.

Quick Menu

Users may find 3 dots on their Upland landing page that can show the various features/options offered by the platform.


Below are the features that users can use to check their account-related data:

  1. Properties

The property tab lists your property details, i.e., property value in UPX, net worth, property address, etc.


  1. Collections

As the name implies, collection refers to a combination of a few properties that share some common features.

As you can see from the below screenshot, once a user completes the criteria (let’s say own three properties in Detroit), he/she will receive a UPX boost.


You can edit the collection to add and show your property in the list. To add your owned property, click on the Edit Collection button. It will show your property if it matches the collection. Click on Tap To Fill and confirm the process. You can now see your owned property listed under a collection. (Follow the steps shown the below screenshot.)


  1. Messages

Lists the messages received by the players.

  1. Treasures

Users can earn more UPX tokens by participating in treasure hunts. Note that there are three tiers of Treasure Hunts:

  • Standard – Open for all. Users can participate for free every 24 hours.
  • Limited – Open for Visitor (freemium), Uplander, and above accounts.
  • Exclusive – Open for only accounts higher than Uplanders.


  1. Leaders

You can check the player’s leadership dashboard here.


  1. Assets

You can check your owned assets here.

  1. Resources

Check project-related documents, social links, analytic reports, support services, news, and other reports here.

  1. NFLPA Legits

Upland has partnered with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). After this collaboration, more than 2000 active athletes joined the Upland platform. Users can now follow their favorite players across the U.S. and can mint Legits, as well as also collect fan points and essentials that they can trade in the secondary marketplace.

  1. Settings


  • My Profile – Check your account-related information here.
  • Authentication – On/Off your 2FA here (Google authentication or SMS authentication).
  • Manual Authentication – With manual authentication, you can receive your authentication code on your phone via SMS.
  • Enable/Disable Marketplace Markers
  • Enable/Disable Show FSA Markers
  • Check/Uncheck Show Other Explorer
  • Enable/Disable Show Ownership Celebrations
  • Enable/Disable Show 3D Objects
  • Check/Uncheck Enhanced Graphics
  • Invite Friends – Share your referral link with other users to join Upland.
  1. Challenges

You can see the list of active/inactive challenges organized by the Upland metaverse here.


  1. Store

You can purchase UPX here. We have already explained this feature in the Get UPX From the Store section.

  1. Portal

The Portal (or NFT Portal) allows Uplanders or higher tier players to import certain selective NFTs into the Upland metaverse. The portal is a bridge to other supporting blockchains such as WAX, Ethereum, or FLOW. Using this, players can import/export gaming assets from the Upland metaverse.

Nearby Properties

The below-highlighted option shows you the list of properties that is currently on sale. You can sort the properties by price and check the details like address, price, owner name, size, etc.


How to Sell a Property in Upland

Users can sell their owned property in the secondary market. However, only Uplanders or above status users can list and sell their property. You can sell either in UPX or USD.

You can fix the price of your property by looking at the data and the rate of your nearby properties in the same community.

New users can sell their FSA properties to high-rank players like Pro and higher. Once you open your owned property, you can easily see the Sell button. Click on it and confirm the process to list it in the secondary market.


How to Set the Visitor Fee

Every visitor needs to pay a fee to the property owner if they wish to visit their property. You can set a visitor fee for your property by following the method shown in the below screenshot.


We hope these articles detailing the basic features of Upland provide the necessary tools to get your adventures started in the metaverse.

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