With so many NFT marketplaces, finding the best bang for your buck can be hard. However, with Genie, an NFT marketplace aggregator, you are now provided with a one-stop platform for all your needs.

Genie is an NFT marketplace aggregator for Opensea, LooksRare, Foundation, and X2Y2. Launched in November 2021, Genie is quickly gaining popularity in the NFT community and becoming one of the most trusted NFT aggregator platforms.

Why People Like Using Genie

Genie implemented several user-friendly features that provided you with a seamless and data-driven NFT experience.

  1. Easily identify undervalued and overvalued projects. With a new partnership with Upshot, you can now get industry-leading appraisals powered by AI that identify the relative valuation of NFTs.

  2. Batch transactions. As we are all aware, NFT transactions on Opensea come with painful gas fees, Genie allows users to batch purchase and sell across marketplaces in one single transaction. This significantly reduces transaction fees by up to 40% and improves the NFT transaction experience.
  3. Data-driven analytics. With Genie, you can also view the rarities of an NFT collection on the platform, sort by rarities, and make a more informed trading decision.
  4. Fraud protection. Genie has also integrated fraud protection features to help you identify dubious NFTs that are listed and protect you from interacting with malicious smart contracts. Shop with peace of mind now with Genie!

Competitor Analysis

Currently, its closest competitor is Gem, which is the leading NFT marketplace aggregator in the space. While it lags behind its competitors on several crucial metrics, Genie has recorded healthy growth in its key metrics.


Any avid NFT trader should definitely make use of these user-friendly features on Genie to capture the gas savings and ease of transactions. With the increase in NFT marketplaces, the demand for NFT aggregators such as Genie will only grow moving forward.

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