How To Use the Guarda Wallet - Part I

Guarda is a powerful, secure, and non-custodial crypto wallet that allows users to buy, store, and exchange a huge number of cryptocurrencies. The wallet provides native support for 50+ major blockchains and includes more than 10k+ tokens. The wallet has a built-in platform exchange service that users can use to swap tokens within the wallet. It also allows the users to purchase crypto with fiat payment methods, i.e., by using a debit/ credit card.

The Guarda wallet offers the users a wide variety of wallet options that include:

  • Desktop wallet – Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Mobile wallet – Android, iOS
  • Chrome extension
  • Shielded wallet
  • Web version

In this article, we will explore the Guarda mobile wallet for Andriod users.

Installation Guide (Android)

Users can download the Guarda wallet mobile application from the Google Play Store (Android).

Guarda Wallet

Important: While downloading any mobile wallet application from the Google Play Store, it is always recommended to check the application download count, reviews, and the rating status. This way you can protect yourself from various phishing applications found on the internet.

Once the application is installed, a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to do two different activities related to the wallet installation.

  • Create a wallet
  • Restore wallet
Create a Wallet

Choose the option Create a Wallet If you are a new user.

The application will ask you to set up a wallet password and download the backup file.

Guarda Wallet

Restore Wallet

You can also restore an existing Guarda wallet. The Restore Wallet option allows you to restore wallets by providing the backup file. Once you have provided the correct backup phrase, the application will ask you to set up a wallet password. Finish the process, and you are in.

The wallet landing page will look like this. You can see your existing tokens now.

Guarda WalletWallet

By default, you are on the wallet page.

Guarda supports multiple blockchains. You can see all the supported blockchains and token list in the wallet tab. If you are a new user, it might be possible that you get confused after seeing so many tokens and blockchains on the landing page which you do not hold.

But, do not worry. Just a little bit of setting change and you can see only your token list.

Guarda Wallet

A filter option will appear if you click on the highlighted icon. Now change the filter setting like the one we have done in the above screenshot. The wallet will now display only your imported wallet data.


Using the Send option, you can send tokens to another user. The Guarda wallet allows you to perform the send operation by using two methods:

  • To Address

Guarda wallet allows you to send tokens to the recipient by either providing the public address or scanning the QR code.

Enter the recipient’s address and the amount of token you want to send.  The wallet also allows you to set other transaction parameters like the gas price, nonce, and gas limit.

Guarda Wallet

  • To My Wallet

If you are having more than one wallet installed in the Guarda mobile application, then you can send tokens from one wallet to another wallet.

Guarda Wallet


Users can do/check the following features if they click on a particular token.


You can get your wallet address when you click on any tokens that you are holding. Share your public address or the QR code with other users to receive tokens. You can share your address via Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Guarda Wallet

Token History

You can check the transaction history details about a particular token from the History tab inside the token.

Guarda Wallet


You can check the tokenomics from the Analytics tab. It lists the following details about the token:

  • Current price
  • Market cap
  • Circulating supply
  • Total supply
  • 24-hour volume
  • Price trend chart
  • Percentage profit/loss (weekly, daily, hourly)

Guarda WalletIn the next part of this article, we will see the remaining features offered by the Guarda mobile wallet.

Resources: Guarda Wallet

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