DEX Screener - Everything You Need to Know, Part 1

All kinds of aggregators are in the crypto space. DEX Screener collects information about DEXes. It looks at a variety of blockchains and covers a lot of ground that way. They also use custom build indexers.

So, let’s take a look at DEX Screener. In this first article in our two-part series, we’ll answer some basic questions about DEX Screener.

What Is DEX Screener?

DEX Screener allows you to track and chart your fave DEX in real time. They don’t use APIs from external or data sources. Instead, they have custom-built indexers. It’s a top DeFi aggregator. For example, these:

  • Parse
  • Analyze
  • And store raw blockchain logs

In turn, they use this data to create charts, screeners, and analytics. There’s no human moderation or intervention. They process all data automatically in real time. As a result, they offer plenty of tools and information. Once you start your own research, it’s best to use all their tools. This will get you the best results in your research. So, with all this information at hand, you can start looking into tokens and smart contracts. This will give you a head start.

There’s a variety of information and data available. From newly listed trading pairs to present pairs. For instance, their Twitter account is full of updates on the various liquidity pools. And they cover hundreds of DEXes and a wide variety of chains. This allows you to follow all different trends, like gains and losses. The picture below shows the DEX Screener UI.

DEX Screener

Source: DEX Screener website

How Do You Use DEX Screener?

Before you visit any DEX, it’s a good idea to stop by DEX Screener first. This gives you many advantages and information once you connect to any DEX. For example, after researching on the platform, you know:

  • The number of transactions.
  • How much money every transaction was.
  • Did the transaction buy or sell?

This is a lot more information than just the token price. Or what kind of APY you can expect in a pool or farm. The DEX Screener platform gives you all kinds of TA tools to work with. For instance, if we look at the ATOM/OSMO pair on Osmosis. This is a popular pair in the Cosmos ecosystem. In the picture below, I put a variety of tools available to you, shown inside yellow boxes. For instance, you can use:

  • Japanese candles
  • RSI
  • All kinds of different lines
  • Fib retracement
  • And lots more.

You can also set up watch lists or alerts. And the list goes on with multi-charts, new pairs, trends, or gainers and losers. It’s also possible to look up information on individual chains. The combinations seem endless. You can find these options on the left side of the UI. You can see them in the red box.

DEX Screener

Source: DEX Screener ATOM/OSMO chart

DEX Screener for Solana

The current TVL for Solana is very low. When looking at the DefiLlama charts, we see a serious drop in TVL. From $10.17 billion in November 2021 to the current level of $229.7 million in January 2023. As a result, there’s no full chain information and data available for Solana. 

However, you can still search for SOL. You will find that there are still plenty of SOL pairs on a variety of DEXes and chains that you can follow. For instance, you can find SOL pairs on Aptos, Avalanche, BNB chain, Polygon, Fantom, or Cronos. 

DEXes that offer SOL pairs, are, for example:

  • Trader Joe on Avalanche with SOL/USDC.e
  • Biswap on the BNB chain with SOL/wBNB
  • QuickSwap on Polygon with SOL/USDC
  • VVS Finance on Cronos with SOL/wCRO
  • Beethoven X on Fantom with SOL/ wFTM

So, you still have plenty of options to prepare yourself when looking into SOL pairs. The picture below shows you three SOL pairs on three different chains. Currently, DEX Screener offers data on 30 SOL pairs on nine different chains.

DEX Screener
DEX Screener

This is the first part of two articles on DEX Screener. You can read Part 2 will be published soon. We also wrote another in-depth article about this platform.

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