Staking Rewards Completes Seed Funding Round

Staking Rewards is set to launch its Staking Provider Registry as well as several other amazing features. This is all due to its recently completed external seed funding round.

The recently completed seed funding round, according to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, will help Staking Rewards launch the “Trustpilot of Crypto”. The independent data aggregator and research platform will now be able to launch its registry for staking and decentralized finance (DeFi) yield providers. Furthermore, providing its community members with access to passive income sources.

According to reports, the recently completed external seed funding event was led by Swiss Founders Funds (SFF). Interestingly, a number of high-profile investors like A&T Capital, Fenbushi Capital also took part in the funding round. The entire seed funding round was also largely oversubscribed.

Staking Rewards – in its press release – disclosed that the funds raised will be channelled to create several unique features on its platform. Also, the funds will help improve scalability on the data aggregator and research platform.

Staking Rewards New Staking Provider Registry

Thanks to the successful funding round, Staking Rewards has disclosed plans to launch a staking provider registry. This staking registry will fast-track the aggregator platform’s vision of becoming the Trustpilot of crypto. The registry will help verify both staking providers and lending platforms. Therefore, improving users’ interaction with the fast-growing crypto and blockchain space.

The registry will also serve as a guide through the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain. Subsequently, reducing errors and counterparty risks. Thanks to the recently launched registry, interested persons can now directly interact with providers on the Staking Rewards website. Active users who answer questions or write reviews will also earn HEARTS tokens.

Mirko Schmiedl, CEO and Co-founder of Staking Rewards, disclosed that the data aggregator platform was looking to be “the Trustpilot of Crypto”. Adding that Staking Rewards will “[…] create a community that helps each other navigate Staking and DeFi opportunities.”

Staking Rewards Massive Growth

Over the last few months, the independent data aggregator platform has experienced exponential growth. It currently boasts approximately 500,000 new monthly users as well as more than three million page views every month.

The platform in 2019 also acquired its Staking-Service-Provider, Hotstake.

Speaking on the seed funding event, Christian Mischler, Partner at SFF revealed that SFF was “[…] excited to support the founders in their journey.”

Jasmine Zhang, of A&T Capital, also spoke highly of what the independent data aggregator platform was trying to achieve. Adding that A&T Capital “[…] would like to work along with the team and help reach out to a greater audience in Asia.”

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