Blank Wallet New Features, Liquidity Rewards and Major Updates

May 2021 was a huge month for the well-known Ethereum-based, non-custodial browser wallet, Blank Wallet.

This article covers the details of all the exciting Blank Wallet updates through May which include upgrades to its rapidly growing ecosystem and social community.

Blank Wallet Updates: Joins Tor Project

Blank Wallet, which focuses on providing a high level of privacy and anonymity to crypto users, announced its support for Tor Project. Via an official blog post, the project noted that it has joined the Tor program and also donated to the course in an effort to support global privacy.

Notably, Tor is a non-profit organization, that creates free and open-source software for anonymous communication. By directing Internet traffic through a free, global, volunteer overlay network comprising of over 7,000 relays.

Blank Wallet in its statement noted that its shared vision of making privacy available to everyone necessitated it move to join. It also explained that joining Tor put it within the “Green Onion Member” section of their site, exposing Blank Wallet to millions of privacy-concerned users.

Blank’s Expanding Team

The privacy-focused wallet in May also recorded growth in its team with the hiring of four individuals to the team.

Justinas Žaliaduonis, (Smart Contract Engineer); Martin Ryden, (Project Manager); Julián Ariel Martínez, (UI Full Stack Developer) and Philip Manokhin, (Community Manager) were hired to enhance the growth of the project.

Addition of New Key Features

In line with its vision to provide top-notch privacy for everyone, Blank Wallet – in the previous month – announced key features that will set it apart from its peers; without compromising on its fundamentals.

The new features include:

(a) Compliant transactions on demand: which allows users reveal their transactions to third parties. This ensures that compliance with regulatory bodies remains possible.

(b) Hardware wallet support: now TREZOR or Ledger devices can be connected to Blank Wallet for maximum privacy and security.

(c) Swaps and DEX functionality: users can now make swaps directly from the wallet while discovering optimal trades due to Blank Wallet’s DEX aggregator.

(d) BLANK Liquidity Rewards: Blank Wallet partnered with Unicrypt to provide our liquidity farming solution.

Additionally, Blank Wallet also recorded immense growth on its social media platform. With over 4000 new followers on Twitter alone in the past month.

Notably, for more information on the privacy-focused browser extension wallet check out Altcoin Buzz review of the project.


At the time of publication, BLANK price increased by 17.7% over the last 24 hours. The token was trading at $1.02, with a market cap of $22,335,543 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,505,436.

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