Name services in crypto are popular. That’s for a good reason. It allows you to have a human-readable wallet name. Most blockchains have such a name service. So, Sui is staying on trend by also having a name service. That’s the Sui Name Service or SuiNS.

So, we take a closer look at the Sui Name Service.

What Is Sui Name Service?

The Sui Name Service provides human-readable identifiers. You can use them to substitute your wallet address. For example, a Sui wallet address is a string of numbers and letters. It looks like this: 0xd77861e972e02feb0927611eb934b67a1f9e60782e36cdef61f6779919b6a8cd. 

That’s over 60 characters. Well, sure as hell, that’s not easy to remember. But, if you use your name, for instance, John, it looks like this; “John.sui”. However, this recently changed into “@john” with SuiNS’ new upgrade to V2. More on this shortly. So, these names are easy to remember. It also shows what I mean by human readable.

Of course, you can change this into any name you like. Be creative! For example, how about, @cryptoninja or @masterofsui? You name it, anything goes. The current rate is 20 $SUI for one year. You can extend your registration up to 5 years. However, note that you first need to register for just 1 year. Once you complete this registration, you can extend it up to 5 years. Like other name services, the shorter the name, the more expensive registration is.

SuiNS is part of the Sui ecosystem. However, it’s also part of the Mysten Labs ecosystem. Mysten Labs is, among other things, the company behind Sui. Mysten Labs also developed the Sui Wallet. Their team uses the Move programming language. This language came from the now-defunct Diem blockchain by Meta. The picture below shows the easy-to-use SuiNS UI.

Sui Name Service

Source: SuiNS

The Sui Name Service V2

The Sui Name Service V2 was a massive upgrade that went live in mid-June 2024. One of the big changes, was to simplify the identifier. For example, what used to be; “john.sui” now turned into “@john”.  So, Sui managed to make a simple identifier, even simpler. The only thing that happened is that it dropped the “sui” suffix and added “@” as a prefix. It also emphasizes how user-friendly Sui is.

Another advantage of the new system, explained above, is that it works in both Web2 and Web3. This can be an important factor in onboarding more Web2 users to the Sui Web3 ecosystem. In Web2, the “@” symbol is common. It’s used to refer to users, companies, or apps.

For existing SuiNS users, there’s a seamless transition. There’s an interoperability option that lets you switch between “.sui” and “@”.  But, keep in mind that NFTs will still carry the “.sui” suffix. In other words, you can still use both available options. Pick whichever you like best. You can find this option back throughout the Sui ecosystem. For example, in the Sui Wallet, explorers, and various RPC and SDK tools.

SuiNS Subnames

Another new feature of the Sui Name Service V2 is the Subnames. These allow you to create and add new customized identities. You can add these Subnames under primary SuiNS name. This service is free, you only pay gas fees. And as you may know, Sui offers very low gas fees.

So, this supports better organization. It also supports hierarchical structures for groups and organizations. For example, firms, DAOs, and other organizations can add branded account names. This can be for users but also for employees.

Another great feature is that you can nest Subnames. In other words, you can create a subname within a subname. For example, we can have the “@altcoinbuzz” primary brand name. However, now we can add staff names as Subnames. For instance, “camille@altcoinbuzz”. On the other hand, you can also add department names, like “research@altcoinbuzz”.

With Subnames, companies can keep their brand integrity intact. There’s also an unlimited number of Subnames available. As already mentioned, you only need to pay gas fees. There’s no extra charge for Subnames. 

There are also two different Subname options. They’re based on ownership. For example, with a node subname, the owner has complete control through an ownership NFT. However, there are also leaf subnames. These don’t transfer full control from the parent SuiNS name. This allows companies to remain in control over the subname distribution. For example, they can reclaim a subname in case an employee leaves the company. Here’s a Sui guide on how to set up Subnames.

Another use case for subnames is with Sui NFTs. So, let’s take a look at that.

Sui Name Service

Source: SuiNS

SuiNS Subnames for Sui NFTs

Sui NFTs are different. There’s much more you can do with them compared to NFTs on other chains. Hence, it makes sense to add Subnames to Sui NFTs. For example, let’s look at Prime Machin. You could add a subname to your Prime Machin. Like, “2686primemachin@camille”. Note that the ‘Prime Machin’ domain is already taken by, well, Prime Machin.

Sui NFTs can own assets without any extra extensions or standards. This sets them apart from NFTs from other chains. For example, Sui NFT game characters can natively own various assets. So, being able to name that character is helpful. If you sell such an NFT, the subname still maps to the object ID of the NFT.

Furthermore, you can send assets to NFTs. For less experienced Sui users, this is helpful. Sending an asset to “@john” is easier than sending it to an object ID. Or, for example, a Prime Machin NFT of which he only knows the number. This also makes giveaways easier. You can send the prizes directly to the winning NFTs.

Sui Name Service

Source: Prime Machin


The Sui Name Service upgraded to V2 in June 2024. This brought a couple of major new features. SuiNS dropped the “.sui” suffix and replaced it with the “@” prefix. This makes domain names even easier to remember. Another new feature is the Subnames. These allow for better organization and hierarchy. They are free, and you can create an unlimited amount, You only need to pay gas fees.


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