Ledger launches Ledger Live, the all-in-one companion app to the Ledger device

The French startup Ledger who is famous for the hardware wallets has just released the app ‘Ledger Live’ that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

According to Ledger, the new app brings together device management and individual crypto assets in one place and replaces the old system of multiple Chrome-based applications. Some new features are also added. It is now easier to set up a new Ledger device, and existing users can import their account into Ledger Live easily. The new app also makes it possible to access all different crypto accounts, there is no longer any need to switch between different apps for Bitcoin, Ether and so on.

Real-time balance makes it possible to check the value of all the assets based on real-time market rates, and the balances are available even when the Ledger device is disconnected.

ERC20 token support will not be available in the first version of Ledger live, but it will be available in the future. The Ledger Live app is available for free to all and will support the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Blue. Ledger says that they have built Ledger Live from the ground-up to deliver a feature-packed, yet user-friendly experience for both power users and newbies.

In January, Ledger raised $75 million, and they are planning to raise more money this year, and Forbes reported that a source close to the company says that Siemens, Samsung, and Google have looked at its financials.


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