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Written by Benjamin Thornburg

The tough pill to swallow: Investment is down on the whole over the past months, heavy hitters like BTC, ETH, and XRP have deflated into fractions of their former glory amid a sea of social criticisms and government impositions.

It is the nature of innovation, strong ideas and skilled agents are often conflated with cheap copies and fiscal motivation, dulling the sharpness of what could be cutting edge. Private investors, especially those iconoclast crypto believers, are naturally inclined to seek out the silver lining in bearish times like these – to keep the hope of returns alive – and maybe to justify that forty-thousand you took out against your mortgage…

So, what is the silver lining here? I would argue that the market has been made more dynamic.

Overactive policy and a recession of prices yields smarter private decision making, the individual will tighten their belt and re-inventory their consumption habits. That, I believe, is the case for crypto – an overabundance of poor products and regulatory gut punches have reduced the marketplace down to the heartier, smarter investors. Who needs $20,000 USD/BTC, when 60% of that is precariously leaning on thirteen-year-olds with their parent’s debit card? Dare I say, price manipulation from irrational decision-making hits an all-time low when the market appears less appetizing; there is far less room for error in judgement.

To that end, it is becoming increasingly important to keep a steady sense of not just hype injected and financially promising coins, but rather those projects with rock solid foundations – dev team, platform, timeline, white pages and so on. A coin erected from white pages riddled with spelling errors is not worth losing your kid’s tuition on.

Which brings me to one of my favorite new projects: Gene Source Code Token (GENE).

GENE is one of the foremost tokens operating in the healthcare sector, it is an incentive system built on facilitating patient privacy and autonomy with an emphasis on reconfiguring the channels through which big data is fielded and organized. GENE’s mission is to create an “ecosystem” in which genomic and healthcare data is stored on blockchain tech that allows for each individual patient to be the arbiter of their own information.

Individuals are then given the option to retain their privacy, or to share their data with research institutions, and that, is where the magic happens. GENE is set up to reward those who relinquish their data with ETH based tokens, and the added kicker is – these processes are all engineered to run through a “MyChart™” style app that allows real time sharing and storage of information between doctors, patients, and research institutions. In this way, Gene makes blockchain tech accessible to the layperson (a.k.a. the standard non-crypto consumer), and to me, holding all else constant, this factor alone was enough to win my endorsement. Not only does this project think outside the box, (i.e., not the standard exchange-based token/coin) it also serves a valuable social function and fills a sizeable hole in a large market apt for decentralization: healthcare.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Market cap: $1,365,427 USD

Block time: Minutes

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Current Supply: 280,000,000

BTC/GENE: ~1. 3M

Exchanges: Idex, Fcoin – recently added to Coinmarketcap indexes

The numbers all point to GENE being a very new, and therefore volatile investment. However, I am optimistic about its trajectory given that it held steady (as possible) through the crash, and as of the time of writing this article it is up 20.4% over the last 24 hours. Not to mention that GENE benefits from a crack team of not only your standard C.S. pros, but also a healthy counsel of experienced people from the medical and biotechnical world (Phd’s, professors, and Yale alum to name a few).

By my account GENE checks all the boxes and fits nicely into the new epoch that I believe crypto is heading towards. It is a great project to support if you are interested in a worthwhile platform that is making tangible movements towards true blockchain immersion and decentralization.

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