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Frontier, a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer, held an AMA session with Manohara K, the founder of Unmarshal, to understand the protocol better. It also gave community members an opportunity to ask questions regarding the platform, including its journey, updates, and plans.

If you missed the AMA, take a look through our recap to understand the Unmarshal network.

Section I – Frontier Admin and Manohara K

Q) Can you give the Frontier community a quick intro about yourself and Unmarshal?

Manohara: I am a software engineer with 8+ years of experience. My last job was with Grab in Singapore. 

Unmarshal is a DeFi data network. We index, decode, and serve data from multiple blockchains in multiple formats. We identify DeFi objects such as tokens, protocol positions, price stores, wallets, etc. and build customized APIs on top of it, and serve data in multiple formats like APIs, push notifications, WebSockets, etc.

Q) Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi data network. Can you give us a list of chains you support and share some details on your client base as partners and dApps using Unmarshal APIs?

Manohara: We have indexed BSC, Ethereum, Polkadot, Stafi, and Edgeware. We will be indexing Algorand, Elrond, and Polygon in the near future.

On the clients’ side, we have been announcing partnerships for the last few days. We have been helping Frontier, ZeroSwap, Pandora, Polkacover, etc.

Section II – Community and Manohara K

Q) There is an opinion on projects with utility tokens, often called that these tokens only exist to raise money! What do you think? Does $MARSH have real values that dismiss this opinion?

Manohara: Unmarshal is a decentralized network. We understand, as data grows, it will be impossible for just one team to cope up with the requirements and indexing. We will decentralize our network to include data indexers, data decoders, and validators. Data users pay per query in $MARSH and then those fees will be shared across service providers. So, $MARSH will play an important role.

A) How are functions such as scalability, workflow, databases, and user privacy protection deployed and handled? 

Manohara: We have been experimenting with a combination of databases, both SQL and NoSQL. We currently use Aurora, Postgres, and RocksDB.

Q) What are the major milestones Unmarshal have achieved so far, and what’s your plan for the future?

Manohara: We have released our API services for token balances, transactions, NFTs, PancakeSwap, etc. We have a notification service, price store, and token store to follow. I think the next few months will be really exciting for us.

Q) What do you think is the future of digital collectibles and NFTs, and how then does Unmarshal plan to be at the forefront of this innovation?

Manohara: There is huge potential for NFTs, and we are seeing the growth in their adoption. We want to be a part of this innovation. It’s why we announced NFT APIs and will also partner with NFT projects to help them with data needs.

The Frontier admin, Palash, ended the session with a final note thanking Manohara for joining the Frontier/Unmarshal AMA.

Altcoin Buzz wishes to thank Manohara for the insights and for answering questions from the community. We look forward to more updates and collaborations on making DeFi data available to everyone. Or perhaps we can say “Google for blockchains.”

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