DX Exchange goal is to help create wealth for people all over the world no matter their social economic situation. “Trade the un-tradable and bank the un-bankable!”

DX.Exchange is a digital assets exchange with the aim of tokenizing the financial world. It is an EU regulated exchange that allows Direct Cryptocurrency purchases with Fiat along with the new option to Buy & Sell Digital Stocks and Digital ETF’s. The platform was built on Nasdaq’s market-leading matching engine and market surveillance technology offering a smooth and functional trading platform. Offering a monthly membership fee structure, DX Exchange allows traders to trade volumes of up to $50,000 USD per month for just $10 USD.The Problem:
Current trading exchanges often have a tedious sign-up processes along with majority not accepting direct crypto purchases making the system clunky and not ready for mass adoption. The lack of regulation, technology, and security also adds to this and DX exchange is tackling these issues head-on. There is nowhere users can also purchase Digital ETFs or Digital Stocks with fiat or crypto on an exchange to diversify their portfolio.

The DX Exchange Solution:

A One-stop ecosystem allowing users to buy, exchange, trade and store fiat or cryptocurrency, Digital Stocks and Digital ETF’s. With the innovative trading platform built on Nasdaq’s matching system, they aim to have a strong, fast and secure trading platform which simplifies the buying and selling process offering enhanced performance and high throughput even in high trading volume periods.

Exciting Differences:

  • Regulated and Supervised by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)
  • Fiat to Crypto Direct Purchases on the exchange – no need to buy then transfer.
  • Over 70 R&D engineers – the global team at DX.Exchange brings extensive experience in UI and financial technology.
  • Nasdaq Technology Matching Engine.
  • Membership fees – Fixed up to $50k Trade volume allowing high volume traders to save.

Trading platform and Matching engine:
DX Exchange utilizes Nasdaq’s matching engine as a part of its architecture. The benefits of doing so are the highest standards of financial electronic trading in the industry along with strong documentation systems allowing for trading and exchanging to be fast and easy. The matching engine has a proven track record being used in multiple traditional stock-markets allowing buy and sell orders from parties trading through a fix protocol, manage order books and match between orders.

Security and Wallet:
Users Cryptocurrencies are held by DX Exchange using a ‘Crypto Vault System’ which is divided into a Hot wallet – Used to store a minor part of the cryptocurrencies in an online wallet and a Cold Storage – used to store the majority securely offline. The Vault system is hosted on AWS within a dedicated environment using advanced security layers and modules. The hot wallet is built using a designated cloud-HSM server provided by AWS and the cold storage used is a two-tier model with a semi-cold and cold layer to add higher security to the system. Hardware wallet devices are also originating from different manufacturers to mitigate against supply chain manipulation concerns. The transfer of funds from the DX Wallets must be executed by 2 senior executives along with internal control and real-time alert monitoring fund transfers within the vault system.

NFX- Silicon Valley VC Firm invested in DX Exchange.
BloomBerg CryptHub Partner – Exclusive sponsor of the BloomBerg Crypto Hub for 2019.

Fee Structure:
Users have an option between a ‘Monthly Membership Fee’ or a ‘Trading Volumes Fee’ plan. The default is the membership fee. The membership fee is a flat $20 USD per month however $10 per month if paid using the native DXCash Tokens. The fee structure can be seen below:

Digital Stocks and ETF’s:
Just as you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin you can now own fractions of expensive stocks and ETF’s. DX Exchange uses blockchain technology to allow users around the world the unique opportunity of investing in traditional stocks, at a fraction of the price, represented by tokens.

  • Token backed 1:1 by real stock
  • Receive exact dividends (Digital Stocks)
  • Liquidate at any given time
  • Blockchain meets safe, traditional investments
  • Free – no commission!

Why Digital Stocks and ETF’s?
By tokenizing stocks of some of the biggest publicly traded companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and more along with some of the highest volume trades ETF’s like SPY and QQQ, we are opening an untapped market of millions of old and new traders around the globe cutting out the middle man. This is the first real connection between the old financial world with a new tokenized world.

What are they?
DX.Exchange, through a worldwide exclusive agreement with MPS Marketplace Securities, Ltd, is the first exchange to offer tokenized stocks of the biggest publicly traded companies, with the likes of Google, Facebook, Intel and ETF’s with the likes of SPY , QQQ, SDNOW and more. This allows millions of cryptocurrency users and hundreds of millions of potential investors to now be exposed to real stocks and ETF’s, 24/7, in a secure and compliant manner. MPS is purchasing stocks and ETF’s where both are backed 1:1 to these real-world stocks and ETF’s in accordance to demand in the DX.Exchange platform and launched an ERC20 token on top of Ethereum’s platform.

How will it impact the industry?
The crypto community has been talking about tokenizing assets for well over a year now without much progress, so we think the impact will be huge. Tokenizing securities and ETF’s is the first true use case where crypto collides with the real world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With fractional ownership and no leverage like CFDs, these new digital stocks and ETF’s are a more sound and safer investment that traders can take home in their wallet. This is the future of securities not just new issues but all the thousands of listed securities around the globe.

Trade on the go!
DX Exchange has the website application as well as Both IOS and Android Apps available with a simple and streamlined user interface to take your trading wherever you go.
There is $0 Transaction Fees Until the End of March. Sign Up Now!

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