Evai 30 Days Trading Challenge Results

According to CoinMarketCap, there are currently more than 13,000 cryptocurrencies. However, not everyone has a long-term value worth investing in. To close that gap, Evai created “ratings,” which are technical qualifications. As a result, this will help investors efficiently allocate their funds in the crypto ecosystem.

In this article, you will see the results of an exercise we made with Evai’s ratings, where we achieved 179.3% in 30 days. Therefore, if you follow this step-by-step guide, you can potentially accomplish that profit level in that time. It will depend on how much knowledge or experience you have as a crypto investor.

Just like Standard & Poor rates stocks, EVAI does the same for cryptos. Then, if you want the full scoop, read this article until the end. First, let’s clarify what is Evai’s ratings are about.

What is Evai?

Evai is the world’s first decentralized crypto-assets rating platform. Ratings are awards based on unbiased AI and machine learning algorithms. Consequently, this decentralized platform offers a new way to minimize your risk and maximize potential profits effectively. It’s very versatile so that anyone can use it.

Assuming you are new to this challenge, here’s what you need to know:

  • We set up amateur and professional strategies, so anyone can trade using Evai.
  • Put this strategy to a rigorous test – we’ve done paper-trading for 30 days and showed our results trade by trade (start of challenge, week 1, week 3)
  • Initially, we wanted to do live trading, but many tokens that Evai suggested were not listed on major exchanges. So for simplicity reasons, we switched to paper trading.
  • The idea for this challenge is to test different trading tools and show you what worked for us. We believe you can get inspired, and our strategies might help you make more money.

Now, let’s dig into how much we made and what strategy we used.

1. Amateur Investment Strategy Using Ratings from EVAI

30 Days Trading Results

  • Starting portfolio – USD 5,000
  • Current portfolio value – USD 6,699
  • Profit – 34%


  • We are selecting coins from the top 150 by their current rating.
  • We’re looking at those that jump from Bs into As ratings in their current prices or the last seven days – the bigger the jump, the better.
  • With the ranking going up, we want those whose price remains the same or is going down.
  • We do a further check looking at the 30 days rating to confirm the upward trend.
  • We divide USD 5,000 equally into five coins (USD 1,000 into each) using the method above and then close it when the ratings change.

2. Professional Investment Strategy Using Ratings from EVAI

30 Days Trading Results

  • Starting portfolio – USD 5,000
  • Current portfolio value – USD 13,964
  • Profit – 179.3%


  • We will select coins that have made a significant move in ratings (1-3 points).
  • The volume of those coins was closely monitored.
  • Identify the support and resistance zone for long/short.
  • Use RSI and Fibonacci retracements and extensions to figure out suitable entry and exit points.
  • Open leverage positions.


We feel like Evai’s ratings are a great tool to put interesting coins on your radar. You’re looking for coins that:

1. Increased in rating, but their price didn’t move or went down.

2. Decreased in rating, but their price didn’t move or went up if you’re “shorting.”

Then, depending on your skill level, you can hold the coins and sell them when their rating changes. However, you can do technical analysis on top and take it from there.

Trust, But Verify.

As a verification, we took snapshots every time we entered or exited a position in this trading challenge. You can see the entry or exit price and the rating for each trade below.

AST, UBT, XSN Trade Exit


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