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Have you checked CoinGecko recently? Then you know that Bitcoin cannot make up its freakin’ mind if to dive down or go higher. Annoying isn’t it? Just sitting on the sidelines waiting for what will happen next. What can you do in the meantime to safely grow your stash?

Introducing Vauld

That’s what you have Altcoin Buzz for – to give you the hot tips on how to grow your crypto portfolio. Now, let’s get back to the story…

We’ve seen the market trading sideways for the last couple of weeks. So a new trend is developing. More and more investors are looking for yield for their crypto – rather than making a quick and risky buck from trading. It’s a great conservative strategy for this highly volatile environment.

Our market insight is further confirmed by Vauld. Vauld is a crypto lending & trading platform, that allows you to earn, borrow and trade with your crypto. They are seeing a huge influx of capital in the last two months. Total assets under management (AUM) have doubled in a short time. What’s more important 86% of this money goes into fixed-deposit products (offering the highest yield) and not in its trading accounts.

This might mean one of two things. Either:

  1. The investors are using Vauld primarily for getting one of the best yields
  2. Or it can be a sign that crypto market is becoming ever more mature, where more and more people prefer conservative investments like yields rather than trading.

Add to this the developing legal barrier (Hey, how the hell can I file my crypto trading tax return?!) and you can see why yield products might be gaining more interest. Just parking your crypto and seeing your interest compounding weekly seems like a no-brainer and safe way to go.

We at Altcoin Buzz have been researching this topic since the recent market volatility and Vauld came up on our radar. And that’s because it offers you one of the highest yields in the market right now.

How Vauld Makes Your Wallet Fatter

Vauld offers you up to 12.68% yield on stablecoins, 6.7% on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. To check their current rates on your most favorite crypto just head over here.

We also put together for you this handy table, so you can see how their rates compare to those of their closest competitors – Celsius and BlockFi.

Disclaimer: Interest rates might vary. Terms & conditions apply. Source: Vauld

The Secret To Your Investment Success

Is no other than compound interest. Because we all have the same amount of time. The only thing that sets our investing game apart, is how much APY we are getting on our portfolio. To give you an example just check the table below. We theoretically invested $10,000 for 5 years and let the money work hard with 12.68% interest that Vauld offers vs BlockFi with 9.5%. And in just 5 years, you would walk away with $2,740 more. If you would like to make your own quick calculation just punch in your numbers here.

Buy Those Lucrative Dips Even When You Sleep

Has this ever happened to you? Breaking news – Bitcoin falls down to $31,000. But you’re busy. You don’t have time to check cryptos every day. So by the time you do, it’s already back above $40,000. With Vauld you don’t have to worry, because you can easily set up an automated order to buy these lucrative dips. And enjoy the great feeling of getting great bargains and bragging to your mates.

Buy Crypto For the Best Price

If you’re a trader you can mix these automated buys with other strategies. But for other busy folks who don’t trade, an excellent strategy is dollar-cost-averaging. Here you buy a small amount regularly. Sometimes you get a good price, sometimes a less good price, but in the end you get a decent average price.

Vauld’s Automatic Investment Plans allow you to just simply set and forget. You put what crypto you want to buy, how much you want to invest and how regularly. All of it is done in few clicks and you can focus on your life knowing you are getting into your favorite coin for a very decent price. No more fear of missing out on great buying opportunities.

Cool Referral Program

Vauld has a great referral program, too. When you recommend someone, you get 40% of their trading fees, 5% of interest payment they get on their assets, and 5% of interest accrued on their loans for a LIFETIME. To take advantage of this great offer and earn these great yields on your crypto, sign up using this link.

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