Crypto Market Update: IOTA, XRP, EOS, YFI, BTC Price Predictions

The biggest platform for building websites is entering the blockchain space. WordPress, the dominant platform for building websites, has entered blockchain. WordPress, which handles 37% of all sites present worldwide, announces the WordProof plugin, which records data on the Ethereum blockchain (alongside EOS and Telos) which will help developers deal with copyright issues.

This plugin will allow customers to timestamp content on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby providing protection against copyright issues and plagiarism. This would ensure that visitors on the website are provided freshly developed content and content creators can rest assured that their work is not copied. Perhaps this news will help push the value of cryptocurrencies even higher, even BTC price.

The official WordPress site has pages of plugins linked to cryptocurrencies, such as crypto currency payment portals, price quote widgets, and a platform to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Website owners can allow swaps using various crypto currencies, including ETH, DAI, BAT, and WBTC.

The involvement of WordPress in blockchain and cryptocurrency could revolutionize the whole content writing sector since WordPress has 60% dominance in the content management network’s market.

With this positive news of mainstream adoption, let us review some coins.

BTC/USD – Price Prediction

BTC price

BTC tapped the price of $13,800 to reach the previous resistance and declined as expected. There is a small support zone at $13,000. If it can hold this support, we could see a potential BTC price move towards $14,000. Failure to hold support will pull BTC price down towards the $12,000 support zone.

IOTA/USD– Price Prediction


IOTA has been swinging between the support zone of $0.26 and resistance zone of $0.32. Break of Resistance 1 could catapult IOTA price towards $0.32 and break of Support 1 could push the price down towards $0.23.

XRP/USD– Price Prediction


XRP is swinging between the support of $0.24 and resistance of $0.26. A clean breakout of Resistance1 could push XRP price towards $0.30 USD and $0.33. Break of Support 1 can pull the price back towards $0.22. From long term, XRP looks bullish and a flip of the major resistance at $0.30 to support could trigger a major bull run for XRP.

YFI/USD– Price Prediction


YFI failed to break out of the head and shoulder pattern and is now approaching a good support zone of $12,300. Failure to hold this support can push YFI price down towards $10,400. Bounce from this support zone could push the price up towards $15,900 and a potential move towards $20,000 with some help from BTC.

EOS/USD– Price Prediction

EOS price

EOS has managed to close successive 4 hour candles above the 200 day exponential moving average (EMA).

We could see a potential move towards $2.70 and $2.80. Failure to hold the current support and closing below 200 day EMA can push EOS price down towards the support one of $2.60.


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