Vintage Tokens

The old, major projects were impacted by the cryptocurrency collapse, and it might be challenging to identify viable tokens during a bear market. Few classic tokens, including ZEC, EOS, and MKR, have experienced multiple bear cycles. 

EOS has probably received enough attention as a result of Vitalik Buterin’s favourable remarks to catch investors’ attention.Vitalik Buterin complimented EOS last month, referring to it as “Ethereum on Steroids.” Zcash (ZEC) relies on a Zero-proof design known as zk-SNARK developed by a group of skilled cryptographers and does not use the optional private send feature. In addition, following the closure of the Maker Foundation, MakerDAO is now entirely decentralized. Let’s look at some vintage tokens.

Maker (MKR)

The Maker Foundation, a blockchain company created to guide the protocol through its infancy, is closing. As the DAO assumes control, the protocol has now become entirely decentralized. Members of MakerDAO have also decided to invest $500 million worth of DAI in business bonds and US Treasury securities. Let’s take a look at the MKR prices

MKR Price

MKR retraced to the important support level of $786.57 after failing to break the $1011.24 resistance level. In order to become bullish again in the medium term, MKR has to break past the $1011.24 resistance level. To reach the level at $1238.88, the price must remain above the crucial resistance level at $1011.24.

Zcash (ZEC)

A decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that enables transaction privacy and limited transparency is called Zcash (ZEC). The sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction are all kept secret while Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain.

Since Zcash (ZEC) is one of the oldest and most well-known privacy coins, it has a sizable fan base. Zcash is now working on its biggest upgrade since 2020, which ought to be finished by the end of 2022. However, it has dramatically decreased during the past three months. Let’s examine the ZEC price levels.

ZEC Price

ZEC broke the important support level of $76.92 last month, and from this point on, it will serve as resistance. Additionally, it is unable to pass through this significant $76.92 resistance barrier. ZEC can once more reach the $37.03 or $50.06 support levels. ZEC can aim for the $98.14 and $110 big resistance levels if the bulls succeed and close above the $76.92 resistance level.


Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (ETH), praised the EOS blockchain in response to a query from a member of the Ethereum staff. It’s interesting to note that Buterin’s comment implies that he thinks EOS is a superior blockchain to Ethereum.

Additionally, during the past 30 days, EOS has maintained a solid amount of NFT trading. This demonstrates that despite historically unfavourable price action and difficulties, the network has maintained robust activity levels. Given its high accolades, EOS is undoubtedly one of the networks to watch. Let us look at the EOS price levels

EOS Price

The EOS price is heading in the direction of bullish trends, according to the four-hour chart. However, although rising, it was unable to surpass the significant $1.22 resistance level.
In order for a short-term upswing to prevail over bearish momentum, EOS must cross $1.22. The next important level of resistance, assuming it passes through, is $1.41.

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