The Web3 education sector is evolving into a huge sector. There are lots of projects already making Web3 more accessible to everyone. One of our favorites from the pack is Edu3Labs. That’s because they are building an all-encompassing Web3 university.

We always refer to them as the Udemy of Web3. But, in truth, they go beyond that. Edu3Labs introduces rewards to learning. So, both content creators and learners combine to make learning fun.

We already have a detailed article about this project. Today, we are looking at some of their recent partnerships. And what they mean for the project. Edu3Labs has struck many partnerships in recent weeks.

These partnerships are part of its effort to promote education. For example, Edu3labs has a brewing partnership with EnjinStarter. Edu3labs held a successful IDO on EnjinStarter in February. Both parties plan to collaborate more during this bull run.

Let’s talk about some of their partnerships.

Partnership with Kip Protocol

Edu3Labs recently partnered with KIP Protocol, backed by Animoca Brands. The partnership focuses on improving learning using KIP’s solution. KIP will help create a new learning path. It will provide customization for Edu3Lab’s educational content. KIP’s tech will provide extra engagement using personalized chatbots.

The partnership will also unlock new benefits from integrating AI and Web3.

Partnership with CLS Global

Edu3Labs recently announced a new partnership with CLS Global. CLS is a leading crypto trading service provider. And their partnership will leverage CLS’s expertise.

CLS provides market-making services. It currently has over 300 clients. The partnership will also improve access to quality crypto education. And empower learners.

Partnership with Hybrid

There’s also a recent partnership with Hybrid, an on-chain intelligence platform. Hybrid focuses on AI integration. One of its tech solutions, Atlas, seeks to revolutionize AI-driven analytics. Atlas streamlines data analysis on the blockchain. This improves the user research & learning experience.

Edu3Labs uses AI to offer customized learning experiences. So, the partnership with Hybrid will advance their AI offering. And improve each learner’s experiences.

Partnership with SkillfulAI

Edu3Labs recently struck a partnership with SkilfulAI. The project focuses on improving personalized education with its advanced solutions. SkilfulAI offers customized virtual assistants. This helps learners stay updated with content by using advancements in tech.

The partnership’s primary goal is to integrate AI into the educational process. This way, they’ll reinvent personalized learning.

These partnerships reflect Edu3Lab’s ambitions. And a commitment to improve personalized learning using AI and Web3. The team has more partnerships in the pipeline.


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