How to Use Multi-Chain Lend (Stake bMXX) - Part II

bMXX is the governance token of the Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) platform. It is a BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) token. With the MCL’s mainnet launch, Multiplier Finance has introduced an application that will let you convert your MXX (ERC-20) tokens into bMXX (BEP-20) tokens. You can then stake your bMXX token in the MCL governance module.

We have covered a lot about Multiplier Finance in our previous articles. You can read our previous articles where we have explained about Multiplier Finance in detail, how you can use TakoSwap (AMM by Multiplier Finance), and their famous lending and borrowing product, Multi-Chain Lend (MCL).

In this article, we will cover how you can get the bMXX token (the native token of Multi-Chain Lend), stake it, and earn rewards from it.

Usage Guide

You can easily find this converter application on the Multiplier Finance homepage.

Click on the application, and it will redirect you to this page.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Connect your MetaMask wallet.

Now enter the amount of MXX tokens that you want to convert into bMXX tokens. Note that the conversion ratio of MXX: bMXX is 100:1.

Also, enter the destination wallet address. The address should be compatible with Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) standard.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Confirm the conversion by clicking on the Convert button. The application will ask you to first approve the MXX before the actual conversion happens.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Click on Approve, and it will trigger a MetaMask transaction. Confirm the transaction and, after that, click on Proceed to push for the final conversion.

The conversion process has a timelock security delay of 15-20 minutes. Once the entire process is done, you can check the tokens in your desired BEP-20 compatible wallet.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

bMXX in Metamask Wallet

As we have mentioned earlier, the bMXX token is a BEP-20 token, i.e., a Binance Smart Chain compatible token. So, you have to first change the network connection of your wallet to Binance Smart Chain.

Now if you are not able to see the token in your MetaMask wallet, then you have to add the token by giving the contract address of the token in the Custom Token tab. You can get the token contract address from Coingecko.

You can also check our previous article (How to Use Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)- Part I) where we have mentioned how you can get the contract address of a BEP-20 token and add it to your MetaMask wallet.

See the below screenshot and add the token address. You can now see the bMXX token in your wallet.

bMXX contract address – 0x4131b87f74415190425ccd873048c708f8005823

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

bMXX Staking

bMXX holders can stake their tokens in the MCL governance module and take part in Multi-Chain Markets and Reserves activities.

For bMXX staking, go to the Multi-Chain Lend platform and connect your MetaMask wallet by selecting the network as Binance Smart chain.

Now go to the governance tab.

Enter the amount of bMXX tokens that you want to stake and hit the Stake button.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

The application will ask you to approve the process before actually staking bMXX. Complete both the steps by pressing the button against the processes shown in the below screenshot.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

These will trigger a MetaMask transaction that you need to confirm. Once the transaction is successful, you can see your staked token details from the right-hand side of the pane.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Users are currently entitled to receive an APY of 45.12% by staking their tokens.


Users can unstake their tokens from the Multi-Chain Lend governance module once the cooldown period is over. That means before unstaking, they need to activate the cooldown period.

The cooldown period is the time frame the tokens are locked before the unstake window is open.

You can activate the cooldown period by pressing the Activate Cooldown button.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

It will ask for your confirmation again, and once confirmed, you can see a reverse timer has started showing the time left after which you will be able to unstake your bMXX tokens.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Note that if you fail to withdraw your tokens once the cooldown period is over and the unstake window has started, you will need to activate the cooldown period again and wait for the next unstake window.


Users can unstake their bMXX tokens once the cooldown period is over. You can now see the unstake window becomes visible.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

To unstake, click on the Unstake button and enter the amount of bMXX tokens you wish to unstake.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

Confirm the process and the MetaMask transaction. Once the transaction is successful, you can see your tokens have reverted to your wallet.


Users are entitled to earn rewards by staking bMXX from a daily distribution of 400 bMXX. You can check your earned rewards from the Rewards tab.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

You can claim the bMXX earned as a reward by pressing the Claim bMXX button.


bMXX holders can take part in MCL governance activities like voting on an existing proposal or can create a new proposal.

Click on the Vote/Proposal button on the staking dashboard, and it will redirect you to this page where you can see the list of the proposals.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)

You can cast your vote on any of the active proposals by choosing one of the given voting options (Yes – add the token, No – do not add the token).


Users can check their transaction details from the History tab.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL)


Multiplier Finance consists of several applications/products in its suite that will give you a complete flavor of DeFi platforms. One of the products is TakoSwap, an AMM DEX that allows the users to swap and pool ERC-20 assets, and it offers rewards in return. Multi-Chain Lend is a Binance Smart Chain-based new product in its ecosystem that offers unique lending and borrowing features. Being backed up by BSC, the platform charges very low transaction fees that may relieve crypto users from high gas charges on the Ethereum network. The project team is working continuously towards introducing new tokens into the MCL platform. You can easily see many new tokens getting onboarded in the MCL dashboard, and many are waiting for community votes and approval. We hope that the platform adoption will increase in the future as it continues to add more tokens in its bag.

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