Enjin sparks Virtual Tourism with SITEnetwork

What this project intends to achieve is beyond what we have ever seen. It connects you to lovely places, making the natural world accessible in VR.

Read on to learn more about SITEnetworks’s Virtual tourism experience in Enjin.

Exploring Virtual Tourism with SITEnetworks on Enjin

SITEnetwork has replayed several iconic real-life locations. It presents a fine blend of the natural world with modern-day experiences. People who would love to go on tours in the virtual world, like in the Metaverse, would find this interesting.

The iconic locations in SITEnetwork are Metinburgh, Metahattan, and Mayaverse. They are representations of real places. SITEnetwork’s partners ensure that these virtual sites work fine.

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The New York Culture Club (NYCC) also utilizes tokenized products in these realms. NFC technology and NYCC also upgrade SITEnetworks by offering various tokenized products. The tokenized products will add value for users. SITEnetwork’s virtual world goes beyond being a tourist attraction site. You get to engage with tourist sites and e-commerce and get educational content.

These virtual worlds also determine whether you would love a real-life location. If you get the chills and thrills from the virtual world, you would like to see it in the real world. You can also interact with artifacts that react to touch, making these sites feel real. You can also get a blockchain passport that would give you elite experiences.

More About SITEnetwork

SITEnetwork has a different e-commerce approach, improving users’ shopping experience. Consumers now shop for perfect-fitting dresses without the stress of putting them on. You can wear them and check them out in the virtual world. Frequent shoppers will love this and make good use of it.

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SITEnetwork’s platform also changes how we educate and train ourselves. It’s VR changes the learning process. Students can now explore the concepts of what they learn. You learn about Mars; you can examine Mars in SITEnetwork’s VR. You study Earthquakes; you can explore them too. SITEnetwork’s education approach helps in removing geographical barriers and making learning worthwhile.


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