Crust Network Partners With Moonbeam To Promote Decentralized Storage

Crust Network recently announced its partnership with Moonbeam, a Polkadot-based and Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain.

With its Ethereum compatibility, Moonbeam eases the development of natively interoperable applications. Crust Network, however, leverages on incentive layer protocol to implement decentralized storage.

Integrating Crust Network on the Moonbeam Platform

With its decentralized storage protocol, Crust enables the storage of files on different hosts. In order for these files to be stored on different hosts, Crust distributes these files across the entire network. Such distributions are devoid of any restriction from centralized entities due to the decentralized nature of the network.

Due to the decentralized storage process, users are able to manage their data in a flexible way. Users can also enhance data security in an effective manner through several processes. Processes through which data security can be enhanced include secure backup, authorized access, data encryption, and other means.

With the storage space sharing model, the storage costs can also be reduced. As a result of this integration, both the Crust Network and Moonbeam will greatly benefit. For Crust, the platform will enjoy a new inflow of users and projects building on Moonbeam that are looking for a storage protocol. Such protocol can be utilized for the user’s specific use case.

Francisco Javier Agosti, Director of Markets and Partnerships at Moonbeam, notes, “This partnership fills an essential need and will help the Crust, Moonbeam, and Polkadot ecosystems grow. Now, developers and projects building on Moonbeam have access to a cost-effective and decentralized data storage solution that can be used for decentralized applications, cloud services, edge computing, or even file storage and sharing.”

More Info

Moonbeam represents the easiest route through which users can get to Polkadot. With its complete Ethereum compatibility, Moonbeam permits the seamless deployment of existing Solidity smart contracts into the parachain. This process of deployment does not lead to any change whatsoever.

With the parachain functionality available on Polkadot, deploying smart contracts can be rapidly done by developers. Developers will also be able to gain access to the growing Polkadot ecosystem. Since they are linked to the Moonbeam parachain, such developers do not need to significantly re-write their codebase when gaining access to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The aim of this strategic partnership seeks to create new opportunities for Moonbeam, Crust Network, and by extension, the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

Before now, Linear Finance announced its partnership with the Moonbeam Network. The partnership was focused on Ethereum compatibility and is part of the forthcoming net-new projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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