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NFTs may be the most loved and most hated asset on the internet right now. However, NFTs aren’t just JPEGs. They are a piece of technology that has the potential to transform many aspects of our regular lives, and eventually the world. Among them, Cardano is stealing the show with its minimal gas fees and amazing NFT projects.

Therefore, in this article, we will help you locate the best and early Cardano’s NFT projects. You will find out three NFT Analytics Aggregators you can use to become an early bird.

Discover The Best 3 Cardano’s NFT Analytics Aggregators

Before they reach their full potential, you need to be familiar with a few CNFT tools that will help you find the best and early CNFT projects. NFT analytics aggregator is a platform for determining the rarity of your NFT item.

  1. CNFT Tool: Have you recently gotten a new mint? Of course, you’re excited to hear about the rarity of your NFT. Therefore, CNFT Tools helps you by providing a clear overview of various NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain.

On the drop-down list, you may view all of the significant CNFT projects and choose your favorite project. When you pick your projects from the list, you can see all project-related information. In addition, all of the NFTs are organized by rank.

Then, if you click on any of these NFTs, you will see all of the information regarding NFTs on the right side of the page. You may also check the rarity rank of that particular NFT and its tags if necessary, like for example the % of the NFT’s body, eyes, lips, hairs, and all other features.

2. Open CNFT:

Open CNFT is a simple tool for examining the collected sales statistics of over 3000 Cardano NFT projects. This data comes from many markets, the largest of which is As NFT projects integrate smart contract-based marketplaces into their websites Open CNFT will add new marketplaces.

All of the main parameters of NFTs, such as trading volume, floor price, wallet holders, asset hold, asset created, and so on, are available in one place. Opencnft collects information from all major projects and marketplaces and provides it to you in the simplest and most user-friendly manner.

Open CNFT also shows how many NFTs were minted in a certain collection, how many wallets contain those NFTs, and how many of the minted NFTs were sold on the secondary market.

3) CNFT Jungle

The objective of CNFT Jungle is to make Cardano NFT knowledge open and accessible to everyone. In contrast to other platforms that charge to calculate rarities and generate project pages, they do all of this automatically from the chain when the assets are minted. They also provide market data aggregation and statistics visualization with attractive visuals.

They display trends and are working to build a strong market movement and event notification system.

Finally, with 6k-7k unique daily visitors and potential buyers to its platform, CNFT Jungle is one of the best data-rich NFT drop calendar sites on Cardano currently, making it the ideal spot to consider promoting your collection.

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