Top 5 Crypto News: 02/18

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading close to $51,222. Meanwhile, Ethereum and Binance Coin both made a new all-time high and are trading at $1,916. & $211, respectively.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

PAID | Seascape Partnership To Enhance Gaming Projects and Smart Agreements

PAID Network partnered with Seascape Network to boost gaming projects on their platform. Moreover, Seascape is an innovative gaming platform that focuses on the new and emerging DeFi and NFT space. As per the tweet, PAID will help Seascape business agreement processes to elevate the gaming industry through DeFi-based incentivized ecosystems. Additionally, the PAID Network will also empower Seascape to create on-chain agreements and enhance the gaming dApp expansion, which provides transparency between gamers and developers. Launched Derivatives Exchange Offering 50x Leverage With Blistering Trading Speed announced the launch of its Derivatives Exchange. According to the tweet, this derivatives exchange uses a new matching engine that has a remarkable matching speed of 2.7m TPS. Moreover, this exchange also supports ultra-low core latency of 50 microseconds, which is one of the fastest matching engines in the industry. Additionally, it has a lot of exciting features, such as discounted trading fees, 50x leverage, USDC collateral option, and trading positions that do not have any expiry date. Furthermore, to enjoy these features, users are required to complete the advanced level verification.

PlotX | Polygon Partnership To Propel Gasless Transaction for Crypto Prediction Market

PlotX partnered with Polygon (previously Matic) to launch its prediction market on Matic. As per the tweet, this partnership helps traders to enjoy the prediction market without spending on gas. Moreover, PlotX is also doing research on cross-chain swaps to deploy seamless liquidity transfers between other chains like BSC, xDAI, and Polkadot. Additionally, the team’s vision is to provide permissionless, borderless predictions which are fueled by DeFi. In addition, this project also has plans to reduce congestion and provide seamless liquidity movement between Ethereum and other bridgeable chains.

Brave Teamed-up With Origin Protocol To Offer NFTs on Brave Store Dshop

Brave announced that the privacy-focused browser will offer NFTs on its store with Origin’s Dshop. Since the NFT market is exploding, and big brands and popular artists are exploring this innovative space. Therefore, this partnership adds another benchmark for the NFT space. Moreover, Brave is an open-source, private browser with 25 million monthly active users. This extension will boost the direct offering of NFTs through its decentralized e-commerce Dshop and will also attract new merchants who are interested in limited edition NFTs.

Exeedme Tapped Ocean Protocol Partnership To Monetize High-quality Gaming Data

At last, we have Exeedme, who partnered with Ocean Protocol for gaming data monetization. According to the tweet, this collaboration will help gamers to monetize their gaming data. Moreover, gamers will be able to earn $XED through their performance and gaming skills. In addition, Exeedme users will generate extra revenue and, in return, Ocean users get privileged access to high-quality gaming data.

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