Top Cardano Updates october week 3

There have been some remarkable developments in the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. To keep followers informed, Altcoin Buzz takes a look at essential Cardano (ADA) updates.

During the week, Daedalus 4.4.0 for Cardano mainnet went live. Also, Charli3 announced its collaboration with CardWallet. Let’s take an in-depth look at these Cardano (ADA) updates.

1 – Daedalus 4.4.0 For Cardano Mainnet Goes Live

IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), the technology company behind Cardano, announced that Daedalus 4.4.0 for the Cardano mainnet has gone live. The report revealed that the updated version was carried out with the proposed Cardano maintenance in mind. The team also considered and included the new versions of Cardano-wallet and Cardano-node.

In addition, the latest Daedalus version has other features like:

  • A tab to disconnect a hardware wallet.
  • A new token screen shows all available tokens, with the option of selecting favorite tokens.
  • The inclusion of the latest Electron version, making it possible for Daedalus to access the latest features.

It’s also important to note that Daedalus is only available for desktops. Thus, any mobile Daedalus application will be a scam.

2 – Charli3 Collaborates with Cardwallet

Cardano’s decentralized oracle solution, Charli3 announced it’s collaborating with CardWallet. CardWallet is a DeFi and wallet system for Cardano. Both companies come together to build and maintain a standard ecosystem of DeFi solutions on the Cardano network.

On the other hand, the partnership will help users enjoy secured and trustworthy DeFi products from CardWallet, with Charli3 providing off-chain data.

Tiago Serodio, the CEO of CardWallet, commented: “Our combined development brains can bring revolutionary change to the Cardano ecosystem. Looking forward to working together and creating an impact for the community.”

3 – IOHK and Four Technology Companies to Form UTXO alliance

During the Cardano Summit 2021, IOHK revealed it partnered with Nervos, Topl, and Ergo to form the UTXO alliance. Komodo will join the team earlier in the week.

Besides, these companies are aligning and focused on consistently creating the UTXO model in aspects like scalability, smart contract solutions, and interoperability. They will also work on creating bridges across blockchains to enhance global finance.


In addition, the alliance will work on:

  • Improving the UTXO model and creating a recognized UTXO standard that functions across the world.
  • Researching and studying ways to support scalable smart contract development using the UTXO model.
  • Give $ADA holders and other crypto holders a set of measures to restrict them to a particular standard.

In case you are wondering, the UTXO model is familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where such cryptocurrencies don’t make use of accounts or balances.

4 – Cardano Partners Oasis Pro to Improve Foreign Remittances Across Countries

Cardano is partnering with Oasis Pro, a broker-dealer that operates an ATS, alternative trading system, for digital asset securities. According to the annoucement, the partnership aims at democratizing financial services and increasing the capital flow across developing countries.

Besides, Nick Cafaro, the Product Manager at IOHK, pointed out that Cardano decided to partner with Oasis Pro for this project because of “its blockchain-first platform and regulatory expertise.”

The report also added that: “In the increasingly decentralized financial future, this massive class of debt and the huge pot of remittance money will be brought together. The relationship between Cardano and Oasis Pro Markets is a big step in that direction.”

$ADA Price Information

As of publication, The $ADA price is USD 2.12 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1,463,356,759. ADA price also increased by 0.1% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 32 billion and a total supply of 45 billion tokens.

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