Terms like “bull market” or “bear market” are popular in the crypto and investment markets. Simply explained, a bull market is one that is increasing, whereas a bear market is one that is decreasing. Bear markets are some of the worst moments in a crypto trader’s life. Especially one as intense as the current bear market that has turned the market upside down. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are miles away from their all-time highs.

The bear market hasn’t offered the best of experiences for crypto users. But, we all know that anyone can easily make a profit during a bull market. Pro traders and platforms are able to find ways to make profits during the bear market, and that’s exactly what KyberSwap offers. KyberSwap has a series of features that enable its users to navigate the bear market and make a profit.

KyberSwap is a top multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator. It is also a good destination to trade and earn the best rates in DeFi. Since its launch, KyberSwap has powered over 100 integrated projects and enabled over $7 billion in transactions. KyberSwap is deployed across 11 top chains and has a strong user base.

In essence, KyberSwap functions as a liquidity protocol and a DEX aggregator. The platform’s overall goal is to give users the best prices along with a smooth token-swapping experience. Additionally, it simultaneously focuses on raising revenue for liquidity providers.

Why Should You Use KyberSwap?

During a bear market, finding the right place to invest is usually an uphill task. This is because the market is highly volatile and every investment seems slippery. DeFi platforms love to entice liquidity providers with the promise of huge and sometimes unachievable APYs. But, during a bear market, you don’t only need a platform with a good yield, you need one with security.

KyberSwap is one platform that can help you do business as usual during this bear market. For a start, the platform does not promise ridiculous returns. Instead, it has a stable APY offering for liquidity providers derived from trading fees, that is healthy for this volatile market. Here are a few reasons why you should consider KyberSwap during this bear market.


Security has never been more important in crypto as it is today. Countless projects have suffered hacks, leading to the loss of millions of investor funds. More than $1 billion in 2022 alone has been lost to fraud and crypto hacks. Although the bear market is all about decline and loss of value, we can prevent how much we lose by using a stable and secure platform.

Since they exchange such large quantities of value, smart contracts make potentially tempting targets for hackers. A minor coding error could result in significant losses. So, a project’s code must be safe due to the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions.

It is also challenging to recover funds and fix problems after they have occurred because of the secure nature of blockchain technology. Therefore, it is always preferable to work to avoid flaws from developing in the first place. Finding flaws and defects in a contract is an important step for every DeFi product developer. This ensures that the investor’s funds are safe.

Traders and liquidity providers on KyberSwap benefit from significant advantages not seen on conventional AMM DEXs. One such benefit is security. External auditors such as Chain Security have audited KyberSwap’s codebase and it is available to the public for verification on Github. KyberSwap is not exposed to external oracle risks because it does not employ third-party oracles. Additionally, DeFi insurance firm, Unslashed Finance, insures KyberSwap for up to $20 million. This makes KyberSwap reliable and secure.

Dynamic Trade Routing

KyberSwaps seeks to position its users to make a profit at all times, even in the worst market conditions. Users can swap their tokens for some of the best available rates in the market, all on one platform. KyberSwap aggregates liquidity from various decentralized exchanges in search of the best price for any token swap on supported platforms. The outcome is that users get better prices than they would have gotten on a single DEX. You can get a sweeter deal by participating in their regular trade-to-earn campaigns to receive rewards while trading at the best rates!


Additionally, KyberSwap users have the advantage of knowing the tokens’ potential. These tokens fall under the “Trending” and “Trending Soon” categories. KyberSwap collates data from aggregators such as CoinGecko and CoinMarket to find which token is making waves and displays it in the “Trending” tab. Then, the tokens shown in the Trending Soon section are chosen using an algorithm developed by Kyber Network, which evaluates tens of thousands of DeFi tokens using metrics such as price, trading volume, market cap, and other on-chain data to filter out just the top 50.

If you are seeking to get ahead of the trends in the market, then KyberSwap has you covered. Go on to their site and find out more about the platform.

Using a quality aggregator like KyberSwap allows you to swap at better prices than individual DEXes like Uniswap, saving you time and money!

Use it today to get the best prices from 12 chains and 80+ DEXs.

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