Being early! That’s a great way to make massive profits in crypto. For example: MATIC was $0.00263 per token at launch, now it’s $1.25 or 40,000+% up. Also, Solana started at $0.22. It is 10,000+% up from there, and it’s now at $22.77. But its ATH was at $259.96. Finally, Cardano launched at $0.024 and is now $0.362 or 1,500% up. Its ATH was at $3.09.

As you can see, the potential is impressive. But, finding these altcoins requires you to do some in-depth research. So, our research team found three altcoins with high potential. Buckle up, and I will explain why we picked these three.

1) Celestia

Celestia is our first pick of these three altcoins. It’s the first modular blockchain. This means that the network splits several tasks into sections. It allows the chain to scale and doesn’t interfere with security. A modular chain separates functions in modules. For example:

  • Execution.
  • Transaction processing.
  • Consensus processing and Data.

These can come from a variety of parties. However, it’s all linked together. This allows, for instance, for better scalability and interoperability. A much-heard assumption is that Celestia will be the next Solana. I also covered Celestia already a few times. You may want to look up these videos. (A and B)

Think of Celestia as a power grid. However, of course, they don’t provide electricity. Instead, they have all the tools to make your own blockchain. For instance, consensus and data availability. These are the necessary means to power a blockchain. Celestia also has a strong team with some impressive backgrounds. For example:

  • Mustafa Al-Bassam — CEO. He is also co-founder of Chainspace which Facebook.
  • Ismail Khoffi—CTO, former senior engineer at Tendermint. 
  • John Adler—CRO and creator of Optimistic Rollups.
  • Nick White—COO and co-founder of the Harmony blockchain.

The project also has some big backers. In October 2022, they reached unicorn status. That’s when venture capitalists value a company at $1 billion or more. Backers include, for example:

  • Binance Labs.
  • Jump Crypto.
  • Placeholder.
  • Delphi Digital.
  • Galaxy.

So, you can see, a strong project. A token is in the making and an airdrop is possible. However, to qualify, you need to run a node and that’s quite technical. Still, keep an eye out on this project. This brings us to the three altcoins or projects, Shardeum.

2) Shardeum

Shardeum is a layer 1 blockchain that will use sharding for scaling. They are looking at 100,000 TPS to infinite. Shebang, that’s quite, well, fast! Add to this their low fees of $0.01, now I have your attention, right? Shardeum is:

  • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based. 
  • Linear scalable, this means that if you add more resources, it can increase its throughput.
  • Decentralized.
  • Secure.

To achieve this, they use dynamic state sharding (DSS). In other words, DSS allows the network to automatically adjust the number and size of shards. It does this based on the current workload. In turn, this allows the system to optimize performance. It also maintains high levels of scalability.  

Also, the founder of WazirX exchange in India is behind this project, Nischal Shetty. Omar Syed is also involved, he is a blockchain architect. Currently, they have their testnet live. Their own token, SHM, is in the making. The fixed supply is 508 million SHM.

More About Shardeum

There’s a confirmed airdrop, so check out the video we did on this airdrop. The link must be there right now. Or read this article. It may not be too late to still join their testnet and enjoy their airdrop. As the tokenomics show, 5% of the 508 million SHM tokens may go to this airdrop.

The team also made it easy to run a Shardeum node. Usually, this requires lots of hardware and technical know-how. However, Shardeum made this a lot easier. For example, you don’t need to archive historical data. In other words, you need less memory.

Have you heard of either Celestia or Shardeum? Let us know how you feel about them. And this brings us to the last of the three projects or altcoins for today, Myria.

3) Myria

Myria is a layer 2 chain built on top of Ethereum. It’s all about blockchain gaming. This goes, of course, hand in hand with NFTs. As you may know by now, a layer 2 offers fast transactions and low gas fees. Exactly what you need in gaming.

They offer developers and user-based products. All their products are game centered. For example, there are:

  • Myria developer SDK or a software development kit.
  • Myria Wallet, which an EVM compatible wallet will host. For example, a MetaMask or Rabby Wallet.
  • NFT marketplace.
  • Plenty of blockchain-based games. Currently, offering well over 160 games.

Myria uses Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology. This allows for a high transaction per second number, or TPS. They can handle 9,000 TPS. For this, they use StarkWare technology. They offer secure, trustless, and scalable solutions. This project also has some good backers and partners. For example:

  • Marvel
  • Tencent
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Ubisoft
  • EA
  • Riot Games

Finally, a MYRIA NFT is in the pipeline. So is a metaverse. And to top this off, so is an airdrop. Currently, you can earn a Sigil NFT by completing tasks.

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